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The Chocolate Collection - Effiena's Handmade Polish

Finding organic, vegan friendly and handmade products can be quite hard in a market that is saturated with a huge range of skincare, makeup and beauty products. After changing up my skincare to a more natural and vegan friendly one, I am constantly on the hunt for more organic alternatives to other beauty items that I use.

After being contacted by Effiena from Effiena's Handmade Polish - and having the opportunity to try out her 'Chocolate Collection' of nail polishes, I'm happy to know I have a vegan-friendly brand that I can turn to when I'm in need of new and beautiful colours!

After finishing college and having an entire summer to discover something new, Effiena decided to try something new: making her own nail polishes. She was no stranger to the nail industry as she had previously done nail art and decided she wanted to do something a bit different. Soon after mixing up several batches of nail polish for herself, her family began to show interest and bought several polishes from her. The next step, of course, was turning this idea into a small business: Effiena's Homemade Polish.

With organic and vegan friendly products being all the rage at the moment, Effiena decided to use this to her advantage and market her products as 'vegan friendly'; she uses as many organic ingredients as she can and sources them from all from cruelty-free resources.

When we were discussing her nail polishes, I said that I love my neutral colours; so she sent me The Chocolate Collection which consists of six beautiful shades! These shades have delicious names (come on, the collection is Chocolate!) which Effiena did point out that naming shades is actually harder than people think. I think you did a great job :)

Now on to the beautiful shades in this collection:

Bronzer - A lovely warm toned Caramel/Orange with a slight metallic look to it! This lovely colour packs a powerful colour pigment as one coat is literally enough. I decided to try two coats to see its full potential and I love it! It's definitely one of those shades you can wear during the autumn, as it compliments browns, rusts and copper shades too!

Coffee Break - This beautiful brown shade has a red undertone to it, and this shade also reminds me of autumn. (I'm sure majority of these shades have a autumn/wintery feel to them haha!) But this is such a beautiful colour and will compliment many skin tones if not all.

Ivory - Ivory is a stunning pearl white shade, which is a great option if you're wanting a classy and minimalistic look. It has a lovely sheen to it too, which adds a nice elegant touch!

Aussie - A stunning copper shade, which yes, reminds me of Autumn once again! This has more of a brown colour to it compared to Aussie, but still has a gold look to it. I can image this nail polish looks just as lush with a matte top coat on it.

Hot Chocolate - This polish is excellent if you're wanting a very minimal touch of colour to your nails as it's very sheer but still has a lovely tint to it. I know some people like to add a clear polish on their nails for a bit of extra shine, but this nail polish is ideal if you'd like a tint of colour with that shine.

Fudge Brownie - Fudge Brownie is my current favourite polish from this collection (I'm wearing it right now!) as it's just my kind of polish. It's a soft gold brown colour which I can imagine looks amazing on all skin tones! I absolutely love this shade as I love naturals, browns and wine reds - and this entire collection is pretty much up my street! 

If you would like to check out Effiena's Handmade Polish or follow her, here are her social media links:

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  1. I will definitely be trying this nail polish out!! Colors look so pretty!


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