Tuesday, 12 January 2016

My Soap & Glory Lipstick Collection

Hello everyone!

I'm back with a short and sweet review on one of my favourite lipstick brands, Soap & Glory.
I was first exposed to these amazing lipsticks back in 2011, where I'd decided to spend my shiny student loan pennies (I was ruthless during my first year of University) and buy a large helping of Soap & Glory products! Is it the packaging? The smells? The feel of the products... I don't know what it was, but I was absolutely obsessed!
Still to this day, I love Soap & Glory's fragrances and mists, their 'Make Yourself Youthful' serum and most importantly, their makeup.

Lipsticks are products that I can never be tired of. You wear them everyday; whether it's at work, during a party - or even if you just want your lips to be moisturised (don't laugh at me, my mum even does this too!)

Okay, without me rambling any further, here are my favourite Soap & Glory lipsticks:

Left to Right - Red My Lips, Naked Beige, A Perfect Day, Super Nude.
(You can see which lipstick is my ultimate favourite!)

Red My Lips - Satin Lipstick - This is by far my favourite lipstick, and I've gone through two tubes! - but I believe it has now been discontinued as I can't find it anywhere. But this is a beautiful dusty rose shade which compliments warm, olive and indian skin tones. 
With the Satin Lipsticks, I've found that they are so so so super moisturising and they smell absolutely amazing! There is a soft vanilla scent to the lipstick - it's not too over powering but it just adds to the quality of the lipstick.
Naked Beige - Satin Lipstick - A lipstick I've gone through two of, again! This is a beautiful nude shade, which isn't too nude as it still packs a nice colour. I would say it's more on the pinkish side rather than beige.
A Perfect Day - Satin Lipstick - This is a lovely pink shade with warm undertones - which I loved because it looks lovely on warmer skin tones! A lot of pinks I find are more cool toned, and cool tones can make me look a bit dead haha. But this is a beautiful warm colour with a pigmented warm pink colour.
Supernude - Matte Lipstick - This is my only matte lipstick from Soap & Glory and I absolutely love it! I've really been getting into matte lipsticks recently, and I love that Soap & Glory have a line of matte lip products. Whilst a lot of matte lipsticks tend to emphasise chapped lips, this still keeps your lips supple as the formula is quite moisturising!

And can I just add, I love the cute little S&G engraving on the bullet!

Top to Bottom:

Red My Lips, Naked Beige, A Perfect Day & Supernude.

If you haven't tried any Soap & Glory lipsticks, I highly highly recommend them. I've not been fortunate enough to get my hands on any of the other lip products - they have chubby sticks too! I'll hopefully try them soon and let you all know what I think! :)

Thank you for reading :)

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