Sunday, 24 May 2015

Reaching 500,000 Views

Okay, so I'm sat on the laptop (not literally) looking at this box and not sure what to write.

It's been 3 and nearly a half years since I started this blog - which was meant to be an outlet for my thoughts and opinions on the world as I was too shy to vlog on YouTube. I remember starting this blog and taking it pretty seriously as the lecturers in my first year of University said it would be a great way of showing "commitment" and "hard work" (imagine that being said along with a fist in the air kinda motion). 
And well, I have managed to keep it up…. Kinda.

This blog has been ever so lucky for me over the years, it's lead me to plenty of new experiences, new friends and contacts and new stories. And in turn, I've used it to share my journey in life so far. Although YouTube has become my favourite platform recently but you guys know the deal with that. 
YouTube was my original plan. You're probably wondering, "Why did you start a blog then?"

Back in 2011 I had the crappest confidence and self esteem levels - and I don't mean to make this blog post an absolute downer. Believe me, there's a bright side to this post! I've always wanted to make videos and be on a screen, and after seeing my favourite YouTubers like Ray William Johnson, Shane Dawson and Michelle Phan do it, I obviously wanted to do it.
I was obviously shy and I just couldn't do it. But I was perfectly fine blogging, writing, putting a pen to paper. So blogging was my main outlet.

I remember posting up blog posts to do with my University life, and then gradually I found my favourite topic to blog about - beauty. And a real turning point for my blog was when I blogged about my acne story. Along with it being a new topic to talk about, it was a sort of self acceptance for me. In the past during high school and college, I'd always disliked having acne - and I never really saw blog posts of videos about having acne. So writing about it, I felt like I was helping others as well as coming to terms with how I feel in my own skin. I was also on TV for the blog post too, which helped to boost my confidence a bit too :)

Fast forward to 2013, I knew that if I wanted to get over my fear of talking to a camera and building up confidence, I had to just do it. The first time is always the hardest, but it gets easier from there. And that's the main advice I can give to someone who wants to start a blog, YouTube channel, or any other kind of career path/hobby.
I filmed a few silent videos, but my first talking video was about the Beauty Blender.
I sat on the floor near the side of my bed, talking about the Beauty Blender and I quickly posted it up. I got like 40 views and for me, that was a really big thing! Gradually as I posted more videos, the views went up. 
Sure, YouTube is filled with internet trolls and assholes who are wanted to put others down, but for the most part, YouTube is a friendly community. I've learned a lot from YouTube; editing methods, different camera lenses and how to use them better, and how to make sure my opinions are seen by more and more people.

Whilst I'm not too far from 500,000 views on YouTube, my blog views are definitely more rewarding. I remember during 2012 I'd come home from University at around 8pm and I'd still make sure to blog everyday. I love writing and blogging. But at the same time, I love challenges! I love how I've always got something to improve and work on my YouTube videos.

I've not forgotten about my blog at all, in fact it's been a very huge stepping stone for where I am now :)

Thank you for 500,000 views guys!

I will try to blog every now and then - and share some photos with you all. But for now, YouTube is my current platform :)


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