Monday, 25 May 2015

Eurovision 2015 Makeup Tutorials & Thoughts

Let me start this post off by saying: I absolutely love Eurovision. I think it's such a big, happy and cheesy contest which allows the European countries to share their cultures in the form of music, dancing and fashion.
I always look forward to it every year and I definitely want to go next year where it'll be hosted in Sweden! Well, at least I'll try to plan to go, so far, it's just a dream!

So this year I decided to make the most out of my YouTube channel and create some Eurovision contestant makeup looks. After watching the first semi finals, I saw a few makeup looks that I thought looked absolutely beautiful and obviously I decided to recreate them.


Sunday, 24 May 2015

Reaching 500,000 Views

Okay, so I'm sat on the laptop (not literally) looking at this box and not sure what to write.

It's been 3 and nearly a half years since I started this blog - which was meant to be an outlet for my thoughts and opinions on the world as I was too shy to vlog on YouTube. I remember starting this blog and taking it pretty seriously as the lecturers in my first year of University said it would be a great way of showing "commitment" and "hard work" (imagine that being said along with a fist in the air kinda motion). 
And well, I have managed to keep it up…. Kinda.

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