Monday, 23 February 2015

TRICK: How To Use Red Lipstick As An Under Eye Concealer

Red Lipstick. 
It can transform anyone from looking simple and chic, to glam and elegant. 
We've seen many celebrities sport a classic red lip during award shows, red carpet events and on television… And some wear it better than others. (By 'others', I mean myself)

Personally I've not really been a big fan of a ruby red lipstick, I'm not sure why but I never thought it'd suit me. But hey, I bought one. In fact, I have a few red lipsticks sitting in my makeup collection.

But who knew a red lipstick was so practical? 
You can use your favourite red lipstick for colour on your lips, but also to hide those pesky dark under eye circles or blemishes you might have.

How does it work?
Normally to correct dark under eyes and pigmentation, you'd use a salmon coloured concealer - or in my case, my trusty NW30 Studio Finish concealer. And the salmon colour helps to counteract any darkness.
Similarly, the red lipstick can help to counteract any redness - although, it may show up slightly more red on parr skin tones. It's best to use a small amount, rather than swiping it directly on your skin, and blend it out around the eye (and take it up towards the inner corner of the eye and side of the nose). 
I've seen many people use a red or an orange lipstick as a corrector, and it all depends on your skin tone and how dark your trouble areas are!

To see how I used the red lipstick as an under eye concealer, the video is below.
For this video, I used my favourite red lipstick, 'Screen Siren' by Topshop. 
P.S: I love Topshop lipsticks, so creamy and pigmented. Amazing!

I hope you guys liked this little makeup trick and thank you for reading :)


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  1. Great makeup tricks. Thanks for the video.


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