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T H A N K Y O U 2 0 1 4

I know. 

It's the 17th January 2015 which means I'm 17 days late with this post. But stay with me guys, I'll try to make this post worth your while!

Ah 2014, where do I begin? Graduation? Moving back home? Travelling more than I thought I would? Wait, I need photos to accompany this post because well, everyone loves photos (and money!)

[My final year flat room; it was an absolute tip but it was my little home]

The start of 2014 was a bit of a blur. A blur of late nights, all nighters and times where I woke up during the night because my sleeping pattern was discombobulated because of my University lifestyle. Deadlines, interviews, lectures. At times I'm so sad that I'm now a graduate and in a bit of a rut because I genuinely don't know which direction to take… and that I basically want movie days in my bed with a box of Dominos pizza. But I'm happy. I'm happy that I've gone through University and I'm able to say, "I did it!" (With a Starbucks Chai Latte in my hand too!)

To be honest I think this is more of a 'thank you' kinda post rather than just a summary post. You know,  the type where the author is really happy and you're just sat there like, "Oh, awesome."

[I couldn't leave my baby out of this post! Even though she is like 50 in cat years haha]

My final year was filled with random trips around the UK and visiting random cities that I hadn't even heard of (yeah Moorthorpe, I'm looking at you!) Which prompted me to make the decision that I want to travel some more during this year (I mean 2015), because I like the idea of escaping to a new place - even if it is still in England. There is so much to see and take in, and I do want to travel lots!
This year I ended up shopping in Manchester for the first time, visiting Winter Wonderland for the first time too, and also shopping in the beautiful place that is Windsor.
I absolutely love it there and I think the buildings and atmosphere is amazing!

[Ryan enjoying his birthday dessert at La Bella in Lees, Oldham - my favourite picture in this post]

Along with travelling, I did my fair share of meeting a lot of people who I know will be a part of my future. Friends, relatives and family members - and I know that this is only the start of it. I'm going to meet a lot more people in the future and whilst it is nerve wrecking, it is very exciting!

[My new room - I managed to get my brothers old room; which includes a walk in wardrobe and an en-suite bathroom]

After moving back home from my cosy little University flat, I ended up settling into my brothers old bedroom. It's a lot bigger than my old room and a lot more convenient too, as it didn't mean having to walk through the hallway to get to the bathroom. Also, I have enough room to set up my soft box lights for my YouTube videos.
Moving into this room made it feel like I was having a bit of a fresh start in my life. Kinda like a new beginning for the next chapter in my life. And speaking of graduation...

[Me rocking the graduation gown and hat in my 7" heels. Yes. 7. Inches]

Forget what anyone has ever told you about University or Graduation. (Except this!) It is possibly one of the most life changing moments you'll ever experience. The only way I can describe it is like a butterfly emerging from a cocoon. Except like… You're not a baby and this is to do with education and you're wearing a Batman cape.
I know for a few months after I'd graduated, I found it quite hard to accept the fact that I won't be doing something in September. And that i won't have anymore classes, lectures or deadlines. It even feels weird now to type it. But it's just one of those things you have to get your head around because it can leave you feeling in the dumps. Especially when you're not too sure about what you want to do in life.

I know I wrote a blogpost several months ago about freelancing, and I am sticking to it. However, there are times where I do wonder if there is anything different out there that is destined for me. The idea of working by my own time and doing things myself, I definitely want to stick by that. But whatever it is, I have no clue!

[The sister and I on my 22nd birthday. 22, WOW! I definitely don't feel old…]

I also went through a few hair changes in 2014, where the last half of the year saw me with blonde hair, silver ombre tips, lilac/violet ombre and the good ol' "Dark Tulip" hair colour (which I am going to go back to very soon!)

[The violet/lilac ombre. I do like the colour and I kinda like how I've got a purple theme going on here]

I didn't think I'd go through so many changes with my hair, but I love being creative. Speaking of creative, I did a whole Halloween series on my YouTube channel which I have blogged about previously. This is one of my strong points as I've always been quite artistic and creative.
Back when I was on YouTube doing speed drawings, I had always wanted to film something creative but on me. I never knew what this was until I started the Halloween makeup tutorials - which I really enjoyed and a lot of other people like them!

That is another thing that I'd like to do more of this year, and when it comes to Halloween 2015, I will have a huge series of costume and makeup looks. 

[Ryan and I at his Aunt's wedding in Moorthorpe. It was exciting, nerve-wracking but amazing all at the same time]

2014 has been quite a life changing year for me - and I don't mean this in a really cringey way. But I find it amazing how much can change in a year. People can drift in and out of your life on a weekly basis, but it's something else when someone very major can all of a sudden is out of your life over something that isn't worth it.
I've also realised who is worth keeping in my life, the ones who I make effort with to remain friends with and who I want in my future. I'm very thankful for having loving people around me, who accept me for the crazy cat lover that I am, and vice versa. (Although they aren't so crazy about cats like me haha).

One thing I've learned in the year is to get a thicker skin, and have a positive outlook on life. Having my new room was a positive boost for me, as I feel that this is a new place where I can fill all of my positive energy in and do creative things! 
 I've learned that some things aren't worth worrying about if you can't change them. Why cry or worry over spilled milk? It has helped me deal with a lot of situations this year and I spend more time working on projects rather than worry over things I can't change.

I've also learned that we're all individuals, and I can't make people like me. So why should I change myself or act any differently to be liked. Self acceptance has been a huge thing for me, as I've spent many years trying to figure out who I was. But, I was me all along. 
Any of you guys reading this feeling a bit lost in life? Listen to music that excites you, inspires you. Watch what you want to watch. Say what's on your mind and be happy because you have the right to be happy :)

[My cousins and I at the Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, London]

As a final note on this blog post, I want to appreciate 2014 and all of the amazing things I've experienced this year! I really hope that 2015 is packed full of more incredible opportunities, events and experiences. 
I do want to start blogging again and get back into the routine of reviewing products and keeping readers updated on my life - as well as my YouTube videos. I've seen many people progress on YouTube and in the blogosphere, and I'm very determined to work hard this year. I would love to have some new experiences and to travel more, so fingers crossed, I will have a very exciting year!

[A night out in Slough, London. The food was delicious that night!]

I hope you all have had a lovely Christmas and a happy New Year! Remember, regardless of the month, it's never too late to turn your life into a happier and positive one!

Thank you for reading :)


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