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Smooth Skin With Calypso 4 In 1 Beauty Brush

Dealing with acne has left my skin in a bit of a state where it's too sensitive for me to use an exoliant, but I do find that I have certain odd dry patches on my skin (e.g my forehead and a little on my cheeks). 
After using a certain exfoliant back in 2011 which caused a breakout that was the most severe I've ever had, I thought: "Enough!" Since then, my skin has cleared up and had it's occasional flare ups but nothing too dramatic. But, my skin has had it's days where it looks dull and lifeless.

I've tried a variety of methods to help get rid of the stubborn dry patches on my face and slough off dead skin; including Oil cleansing - which was excellent to remove every single bit of makeup on my face. But, it didn't feel "clean"

Towards the end of 2014, I was very kindly sent this Beauty Brush by Calypso - which honestly couldn't have come at a better time as I had been contemplating buying an electric brush like this! 
I've seen the Clarisonic brush which despite being highly raved about, it's a bit much for my current budget. But for £39.99, this brush is a fraction of the price of the Clarisonic. 

According to the website, this is a "waterproof 4 in 1 multipurpose rotating brush for the face and body." It is a AA battery powered brush with for interchangeable heads which include a body brush, a face brush, a face sponge and a pumice. Each of these can tackle different areas on the body, for example the Pumice is excellent at softening hard skin.

I used both a body and face brush, as I do have the random dry patches on my face and I do like to occasionally tan (yeah I know, I'm down already but I like to apply tan sometimes!) When you use a tanning lotion, it's pretty important to exfoliate regularly so your tan doesn't come off patchy - like a certain Charlie Sims in a recent episode of TOWIE. Oh dear.

Initially, I used the face brush with my Organic Surge daily face wash as I thought this was a brush and cleanser only relationship. But I did try it with some Coconut Oil (to remove my makeup too!) and I found that it worked just as well. I do actually prefer this method as it was like a makeup removal, cleansing and exfoliating in one! 

I did have my concerns with this brush, due to my past with exfoliants, and this brush is very soft. It didn't break me out or cause any irritations to my skin, which was a huge relief! Comparing this brush to the oil cleansing method I used before - which involved a Muslin cloth - I found that the brush gave me a deeper clean and my skin felt quite refreshed afterwards.

I'd say the only disappointing thing about this brush is the fact that it takes AA batteries, which means I'm going to have to stock up them as this device takes 4 batteries at a time. However, my batteries have lasted me at least 10 uses of this brush - which is excellent!

I try to use this once a week rather than everyday, as I'm a bit too cautious with upsetting my skin, but putting it into perspective - 10 weeks with the same batteries sounds like a good deal to me!

If you would like to check out this brush or buy it, here is the website.

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  1. Looks so good. Thanks for sharing it.


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