Thursday, 9 October 2014

Woah, where have you been?

It's pretty evident that I've not been on here in quite a long time. And to be honest, I don't know the exact reason why. A long vacation? Focusing on other areas of social media? 
Nonetheless, I am back in the blogging world and I have of writing to get done! :)

But first of all, here are a few things that have happened during the few months of my hiatus.

The first one being my hair. Yes, my hair. As you can see, I've had a whale of a time playing around with bright purples and plums (not to forget the moment I went a tad blonde). 
I really like the idea of experimenting with my hair and it's been something that I've done for many years now :)
I'll be blogging in the upcoming weeks about my haircare, the products I had used and all about my current hair colour :)

On the 21st July, I finally graduated with a BA (Hons) Journalism degree under my belt :) It was a pretty strange feeling putting on my robe and cap and walking around the same campus I once lost my way around. But it was a proud moment for me and my parents and definitely a highlight of my year! 

I finally turned 22 years old a few days after my graduation, and to celebrate, Ryan and I made a day trip to Manchester city centre. I'd never been before so it was really exciting and special! Obviously, OBVIOUSLY, we had to take a look in Selfridges (I mean, who can resist?!) We also went into Hotel Chocolat, an American sweet shop and a load of other shops too! 

This wouldn't be a 'TheRaviOsahn' certified blogpost without a selfie and pictures of food. So here is the first of a few food pictures!
For lunch/dinner, we headed off to Chiquitos in Printworks - which is a lovely Mexican restaurant. We had the best nachos EVER. Literally, the best nachos we've ever tasted in our lives, and I had a quesadilla whilst he had a chicken dish (I think). 

That was the first time I'd eaten there and it was a lovely experience! 

Around two weeks ago, it was our first year anniversary! The past year had gone by so quickly and it's been an amazing year :) We decided to go to Ciao Bella in Huddersfield as it was one of those restaurants I've always wanted to dine at. 

But the night before that, we headed to Bar Maroc (also in Huddersfield) after Ryan had been going on about their pizzas and Nutella crepes. I couldn't say no to either Nutella or pizza, so we ended up in a food coma after eating a freshly made feta cheese pizzas topped with spinach, tomatoes and olives! Yummy! The crepes were absolutely amazing too, as there was a bit too much Nutella in them. However… you can't really complain about too much Nutella right?

For our anniversary meal at Ciao Bella, we started off with a sharing platter which consisted of a large breaded Mozarella piece with a peppery sauce, lamb meatballs, chicken wings, sliced pitta bread and a nice helping of nachos in the centre! (You can tell how much I love nachos eh?!)

We then had the main course; Ryan had a lamb and potato dish and I had a King Prawn linguine with sliced olives. 
For the dessert, I had a delicious tiramisu with ice cream and Ryan had a strawberry cheesecake. 
(My mouth is watering whilst I'm typing this…)

So what now?

At the moment I'm still uploading on my YouTube channel - and I currently have a series of Halloween makeup tutorials! 

I'm loving these makeup transformations and I'm still undecided whether I'll stop doing this as soon as Halloween is over, or carry it on and keep filming these transformations… I'll see! :)
I also want to get into the working world too, something along the lines of social media and PR… and possibly beauty too as I have a large interest in it.
Currently my options are open, so I shall see which opportunities come my way :)

Thank you for reading guys (if you've made it this far!) and do check back on my blog as I will be posting much more regularly now!

~ xoxo

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