Monday, 13 October 2014

LUSH Skin Drink, Enchanted Eye Cream & Shimmy Shimmy Review

I've always been a bit iffy about LUSH products to be honest. And I guess it doesn't make sense that I've purchased their products and now writing a review about them. But let me explain…

During the past few years, I've seen the odd few LUSH hauls where people whip out bath bombs and basically well, bath stuff. And I'm not a bath kinda person, so the whole bath goodies never really appealed to me. 

However, recently I've been dealing with drier skin due to a change in my skin care routine, and my under eyes have been causing havoc for my concealer! You know when you apply concealer and it just settles in your lines, and then when you try to combat that and apply a bit more concealer and set it with powder, hoping that it will do the trick. I've had to do that on multiple occasions, however the concealer just accentuates my dry skin and I end up looking a little rusty. 

After explaining this to my sister, she insisted I try out an eye cream from LUSH that she swears by. (Which is really weird because it's usually me telling my sister which products to buy haha)
I've tried eye creams before and the only one which did the trick for me was by Soap & Glory. However as their eye cream is a little pricey for me at the moment, I opted to go by my sister's recommendation.

So off to Leeds City Centre we went and popped at the new LUSH shop - which is so pretty and just gives me a sort of 'free spirit' vibe!
I picked up a few items including: the Enchanted Eye Cream, SkinDrink Moisturiser and the Shimmy Shimmy Tint.

As my skin has been quite dry recently, so I opted for the SkinDrink moisturiser in hopes that it will get rid of my dry patches and keep my skin in supple condition!
It's quite a thick consistency which did give me doubts that it would cause my skin to break out. But honestly, this moisturiser has made my skin very soft and not caused any acne - woohoo! I do apply this sparingly however, as too much can make my skin look overly greasy. Once it's rubbed into my skin,  do have a slight oily appearance but my skin is left feeling soft.

The Enchanted Eye Cream is definitely a winner, as I found that it has really hydrated my under eyes. Initially I was a little bit worried that my skin would absorb it instantly as the cream has a very watery texture. It's very light on the skin and doesn't leave any residue. I've found that this eye cream has really improved the appearance of my under eyes and my concealer no longer cakes up or looks dry. 

I have sometimes used the Enchanted Eye Cream as a facial moisturiser - which may seem unusual - but as it is a cream rather than a gel, it felt light and pleasant on the skin :)

I also decided to treat myself by buying the Shimmy Shimmy Tint, which is a heart shaped little brick that when you rub it on your skin, you are left with a little shimmery tint. Which might I add, it smells absolutely amazing! 
I was tempted to buy the Black Stockings Tint - as that gives you a slight golden tan along with the scent and shimmer, but maybe next time :)

Once you rub the Tint brick on your skin, you end up with a nice light shimmer which you can then rub with your palm (to make it look a little more natural). 
I absolutely love this as it makes you look glowing, it's not too shimmery and the glitter specks aren't too large. The scent of this too, it absolutely divine. It's not an over powering scent, and it's not too sweet either. It's a very soft vanilla sort of scent and just lingers on you :)

I hope you guys liked this review, and I have a lot of products to review so I shall be updating this blog a LOT :)

Thanks for reading!
~ xoxo

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