Sunday, 12 October 2014

Halloween Tutorials In Collaboration With Poundstretchers

It's that time of the year again where we wonder, "Well… what am I going to dress up as on Halloween?" I know that thought always pops into my head.
Luckily I have got you covered as I have a few Halloween costume ideas. Recently I was kindly sent a huge box from Poundstretchers, which was filled to the top with Halloween goodies.

I received:
A Skull Kit
A Witch Kit
A Vampire Kit
Fangs & Glow In The Dark Paint
Fangs & Blood
A Coloured Wig

Each kit came with it's own individual accessories in order to achieve the desired look. For example the Vampire Kit came with fangs and an accessory, the witch came with a fake nose and teeth. 

I personally used the paints to create a different look, as I wanted to test how they worked in terms of pigment and lasting power, rather than using the kits to create the stated costume. (But also because I have already created a Vampire and a Skull makeup look before :P)

Although the paints may look like they're not enough (this was my initial thought), they are definitely plenty for a single face. Or, if you're using it for minor details or for small areas of the face, there is definitely enough paint to go around.
To create both of my looks, I used the black and white paints from the Skull Kit, and I found that to be plenty for my face. 

The white paint is very pigmented, even for my tan skin, enough to make my face look almost white. And the black paint is very pigmented and easy to work with. You may need to apply it liberally on the brush / skin to make sure you have the desired intensity of the colour - as it can look a little transparent with a small amount.

These are the looks that I created:

The first costumer idea is a sort of Kitty / Leopard look, which I created using the black paint from the Skull Kit. 
I used a very fine detailing brush to create the 'fur' effect of the leopard spots on my face, and for all of the detailing. 

Watch the video here:

The second look I created was a sort of Jack Skellington Pumpkin King inspired Halloween makeup look. I took the original idea but made it a little more life-like and creepier.
I used both the black and white paint from the Skull Kit to create this look.
A large sponge was used to apply the white paint liberally all over the face to create the blank white canvas, and then a fine detailing brush was used for the the eyes and mouth. 
This look required a bit more blending (around the eyes and eyebrows). 

Watch the video here:

As you can see from the first few images, the kits are very affordable and inexpensive from Poundstretchers. Do check the kits out even if you're going to what I did - and just use the paints - as it is good value for money!

Thank you for reading guys! :)
~ xoxo 

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