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Are You Ready For Halloween?

If you're new to this blog or my YouTube channel (or you've been hiding under a rock), you probably haven't seen my Halloween Makeup transformations yet! So to save you the trouble, I have a selected a few of my favourite Halloween makeup looks for this blog post and written up simple step by step instructions on how to create the makeup!

Avatar Neytiri Makeup:
This is possibly one of the simplest Halloween makeup looks I've done, as it mainly requires blue paint, dark blue eyeshadow and white paint.
1) Apply the blue face paint evenly all over the face and neck with a large spine - large because you can get it done quicker!
2) Set the paint with a blue powder (I used a royal blue eyeshadow), this helps to keep the face paint from slipping and sliding after a few hours!
3) With a navy blue eyeshadow, dust this over the eyelids for a bit of depth on the face. Make sure to blend it out a little bit so you don't have panda eyes.
4) Using a thin angled brush and the navy eyeshadow, start drawing lines on the forehead starting from the centre of the forehead. 
5) Finish off the face with white dots on the centre of the face. This is completely random but I used a reference photo of Neytiri when I did this.

And that's your finished Avatar makeup!

Baraka Mortal Kombat Makeup:
This one is a little tricky for those who don't have a steady hand and patience! but the overall result and outcome is amazing and I love seeing these kind of makeup looks. 

1) Starting off with a neutral matte brown eyeshadow, start drawing out the folds in the forehead and the outline of the mouth. 
2) Using a white paint (or a white eyeliner pencil in my case), start drawing the teeth. It really helps to start from the middle outwards, as you're able to control where each tooth is and not get too carried away drawing one side different to the other side.
3) Taking a black eye shadow, draw around the teeth - this will be the open mouth.
4) Using a gum/flesh coloured pencil or paint, draw the gums.
5) Using a darker matte brown eyeshadow, use this to create more depth around the mouth and use this to contour the face a bit more accurately. So around the eyes, nose and sides of the drawn on mouth.

This definitely does require a bit more time and patience, but it will look great in the end!

Burns / Scars / Wounds Makeup:
This is quite an easy makeup look to create as it doesn't require an exact set of rules as to where the burns or scars are placed. Also, this is completely mess free! I wanted to create a slightly gory makeup look that didn't require putty or latex, or anything that is really tedious to use. (I've tried using Putty and I just couldn't get the hang of it)

For this makeup, I used the Mehron Bruise Colour Wheel Palette, as that had all of the shades that you need!

1) Taking a mustard yellow paint, dab this on different areas of the face where you want the burns to be. This creates a sort of discoloured appearance of the skin. For a natural effect, use a slightly old sponge that has been used many times
2) Taking a blood red paint, dab this a little on top of where you had applied the red paint, this will help to create a build up of a sore appearance. You want the skin to look bruised and charred.
3) Taking a thin brush, dip it into a Maroon coloured paint and begin to outline the wounds and burns. This is completely random and you can place these how big or small you want. For a bit of a realistic effect, try a big wound surrounded by a mix of small and tiny wounds. 
4) Using the same maroon paint, dab this on the outside of the wounds, to make the wounds look a little raised and inflamed. It will also make the wounds look more 3D too!
5) Taking a dark blue paint, apply this in a corner of the wound as this will give more dimension and depth to the wound - making it a bit more realistic. Also, just apply this on one side of the wound.
6) Fill in the wound with a mix of the red and maroon paint, and don't be scared to apply the paint a little chunky too! This will obviously contribute to the 3D appearance of the wound.

This is quite an easy look - although it requires several paints - but it can look pretty realistic and effective!

Leopard Print Makeup:
This is a pretty easy makeup look as it requires black paint - and a bronze colour too although that is optional!

1) Using a bronze paint, dab this along the temples or wherever you want your leopard spots. This will give you an indication of where to draw the outlines of the spots.
2) Using the same bronze paint, apply this around the nose and mouth - to give a more feline appearance to the face.
3) For the spots, you can use an eyeliner or a face paint but I used a face paint as it was easier for me to work with. Begin to create 'C' shapes rather than circles, and also use the same paint to draw the dots on the upper lip and create the nose.

It will help to use a reference picture of a Leopard! :)

Pop Art Makeup Look:
This too, is quite an easy makeup look as you're basically using white, blue and black paint (if you're wanting to emphasise the lips you can use a lipstick).

1) Start drawing dots along the face using a white paint or eyeliner pencil. I chose white as it really stands out, although I know some people have used red. Use your jawline as a guidance of where to place your dots. Try to keep your dots in a line and equally sized.
2) This is optional, but if you want to add a tear, create large tear drop under one eye to make it look like you're crying.
3) Taking a black paint or eyeliner, start to outline areas of your face including your eyeliner, eye crease, tear drop, face creases, nose bride, lips and cheekbones.
4) Also, draw your eyebrows thick and angular!
5) For the lips, you can apply your lipstick of choice and use a white paint to emphasise a light. Although this is optional! 

This is a super easy makeup look and looks very effective :) You can also play around with the facial expression too!

Bite Wounds Makeup:

This is pretty much the same as the Burns / Scars / Wounds makeup, as I used the same palette and process. The only difference with this makeup, is that I drew red and purple lines to look like veins. You can follow your natural vein lines or draw more to emphasise the wounds. 
This look requires a lot of dark blue as that will help to emphasise how deep the wounds are, and it will make it look really realistic.

Feel free to check out my YouTube channel for my Halloween makeup tutorials as I have plenty more on there :)

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