Wednesday, 4 June 2014

HOW TO Get Rid of Acne - My Tips

Don't worry guys, acne is something that everyone deals with at some stage in their life. But, what if it was something that you're doing, that is causing your skin to break out? Is it something you're eating, drinking or applying to your skin that has made your skin break out?
I decided to create a video with my tips that I've learned from my own personal experience, to help you guys out there that are currently struggling with breakouts and acne!

All of the tips I mentioned in this video are based on my own experience, and I believe that this can be the cause of breakouts! :)
Oh and, in this video I talk about cutting out dairy - which I highly highly HIGHLY believe is the culprit of skin breakouts. Since cutting out dairy, my skin is less oily, I rarely break out and I feel overall healthy!
[Note: I talked to my sister yesterday - and she was telling me how she's recently broke out due to having regular cows milk. She's noticed that her skin is much more oily and prone to break outs, and also her sinus is congested.]

Here is the video!

I hope these tips help one or two of you out there, and it definitely is possible to get rid of acne. So don't let it bring you down :)

~ xoxo

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