Wednesday, 14 May 2014

When one door closes...

Right guys, I'm not so sure how to start this blog post considering I've not sat down to write a heart-to-heart post in what feels like ages. I wanted to say something that was deep… but obviously that hasn't gone to plan.

Judging from the title of this blog post, you may be thinking, "What…? What door?" or, you may be like, "Ohhh, another University post?!" Haha. But hear me out guys. This isn't much of an update to do with University, but an update to do with me and my current awkward situation with life itself. 

I'm sure I'm in the same boat as many other final year students, as we've spent our past three (or four) years grafting over our deadlines, only to be hit with this feeling of, "Shit.. well what do I do now?"
I know this is quite subjective as different courses have different jobs lined up after students graduate. However after studying Journalism, I find myself in a bit of a predicament. 
It's not that there aren't any jobs available or I haven't learned enough. But, there are ways I can go about my future career. 

After updating, caring and nurturing this blog for almost three years, I can't let it go. I will always have an attachment to this blog and will constantly remember it as my online diary throughout University - even though I talked a sit load about makeup haha. And that's not saying I'm giving up this blog. After all, there are many bloggers that have turned their websites into businesses and have been given job opportunities.

I have a bit of a fear, that if I start working, I won't have time to do things that I love; like 
creating/editing videos, posting blog posts and working at my own pace. I love the idea of creating my own work. Even after I'd submitted all of my University work, I still felt like I had lots of other work to do. And that was to keep my blog and YouTube updated with videos and posts that I've been wanting to create throughout the past 3 years. 

So far, I have no idea where to go from here. I'm stuck at a bit of a crossroad where I can either plunge into the outside working world, or create my own work and become a freelance writer... thing. 
I'm not going to dismiss either of them, but for now, I am going to be working on my own work and hopefully create some projects. I feel like I really have to give it a chance first before making big decisions! 

And to start of this new phase, I have decided to really work my butt off. Firstly, I've updated my blog a little and renovated it - and hopefully it will motivate me to blog more. I am going to be filming lifestyle and beauty videos and uploading them daily - and hopefully I'll have a few different videos added in there too! Also, I will be adding more to my blog too. Not just updating my blog whenever I have a new video, but actual blog posts that are worth reading and I've put a lot of time into creating. Plus, I really hope to start networking a lot more (as I'm not very 'known' out there) and collaborating with other bloggers and YouTubers! 

Here's to the start of a new journey :)

~ xoxo

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  1. Loved this post, hope all goes well with either of the two choices you have! Keep up the good work Ravi, very inspiring hun! x


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