Sunday, 25 May 2014

How To Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

It's that time again. You've used up your makeup brushes and each bristle is coated with a layer of foundation, concealer or powder and the thought of using them again makes you cringe. Well… it makes me cringe. The fact that I've personally dealt with skin troubles for the past (nearly) 10 years is the reason why I use me makeup brushes once and then I pop them to the side for them to be washed. It may seem like a massive chore to wash your makeup brushes after every use but if you have a large collection, then once a fortnight doesn't sound too bad!

After washing my makeup brushes for over a year now (I've always had my sister wash them in the past haha), I know which soapy formula works to ensure that each bristle is cleaned and no longer has that beigey/orangey oily tint.

I decided to create a video to go with this post as a demonstration :) But I'm going to include step by step instructions and why I use the products I do.

I like to start off with filling up my sink with a mix of hot and cold water, but making sure that the water is on the warmish side. I find that using cold water doesn't completely get rid of the oily residue that lingers on the bristles.
So in the sink full of very warm water, I pour in Fairy Liquid (or any washing up liquid). If it's not Fairy Liquid then I add a lot more to the water to make sure it's very soapy. In my opinion, Fairy Liquid is a lot more stronger and it really gets rid of the excess product that is left in the brushes.
In addition to this, I pour in an equal amount of body wash. Not just any body wash, just body wash that isn't a cream base. So literally the majority of body wash will be fine! I just like using this because the Fairy Liquid can make be harsh on the bristles and you don't want anything happening to your beloved brushes. Plus, using a body wash makes the brushes smell really nice haha.

Once you have the amount of soapy water you want in your sink, you can start dipping in your brushes and swirling them about. I find that the hotter the water, the quicker the brushes become clean. So make sure the water is more of a hot-warm temperature and washing your brushes turns into a quick and therapeutic task. Yeah… I quite like to think it's therapeutic. I hope that doesn't make me sound crazy hahaha.

Once you've washed all of your brushes, set them aside on a folded up towel - preferably on a windowsill or near a window at least. I always have them set on a side where the sun rises, so they air dry very quickly while the sun beams on them :) Once they're dry, they will be ready to be used again!

I hope you guys liked this video/ tutorial! Remember to wash your brushes regularly to prevent bacteria spreading on your face and causing things like breakouts :)

~ xoxo

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