Thursday, 29 May 2014

An Impromptu Organic Skincare Update

After receiving a VERY large number of requests to film a skincare update, I finally got round to it! Originally I filmed this video during the day and I wanted to add it into one of my 'Day In The Life' videos. But because it was very long and practically a video in itself, I just uploaded it as a single video.

I'm still using majority of the products I have mentioned previously, for example African Black Soap and my Organic Surge shampoo and body wash. But there is something different and new that I have added to my skincare, that has improved the quality of my skin dramatically! 

I'll probably make another update - but a proper video - in a few weeks and show you guys how my skin looks! I hope you guys like the video, and don't forget to subscribe. I upload videos everyday :)

~ xoxo

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Little Black Dress Collection LookBook

A dress? Dresses were a piece of clothing that I wasn't too familiar with growing up. I'd never really worn dresses up until I start University, when I realised that wearing jeans every single day was quite boring. But even now, I still wear jeans majority of the time but the worn out shorts make a comeback during the summer. 
However, when I go for a meal, a night out or just a regular fancy occasion, I do like to bring out the dresses. And this year, I decided to expand my collection of little black dresses as I only had one. So I purchased three more… which surprisingly I got pretty cheap from eBay. Honestly guys, if you want some bargains on new clothes, check out eBay. It doesn't have to be previously owned items, as there are certified retailers online that selling pretty much new clothes.

I tried creating a LookBook sort of video to showcase these dresses and please excuse my surroundings. Filming in my student flat isn't the best room to film in, as it's quite mundane and you can't really dress it up. But I hope you guys like the video anyway :)

So to those of you who would like to know which sellers I purchased these dresses from, I will include links below :)

2) New Look - it was in the Boxing Day sales in 2012)

4) pollycouture - This has a plunging neck line, but I generally pin it in the middle as that's just my personal preference :)

I hope you guys like this video and don't forget to subscribe to my channel! :)

~ xoxo

Monday, 26 May 2014

Neals Yard Remedies Haul

Around two months ago, I was introduced to the organic brand Neals Yard Remedies - which turned out to be an absolute godsend. I was kindly given a few products to try from my sister, after showing her a terrible breakout I had on the right side of my face.
She gave me a few products and said it'll help to reduce the redness, calm the skin and get rid of any spots and cystic acne I may have!

She gave me quite a few products so I decided to film it all for you, along with close ups of the products themselves so you can see what they are like, and a mini review of them.

Here is the video:

The products she gave me:
Beautiful Skin Tea
Chamomile Cream Cleanser
Rehydrating Rose Toner
Wild Rose Beauty Balm
Mahonia Skin Clarifying Gel
Rosemary & Cedarwood Hair Treatment
Rehydrating Rose Facial Polish

I highly recommend trying the Neals Yard products - despite how expensive they are - as they are kind and nourishing to the skin. They allow the skin to heal and repair whilst some mainstream scrubs and washes cause more damage… which obviously isn't good!

I hope you guys liked this video and if you did, don't forget to subscribe to my channel! :)

 ~ xoxo

Sunday, 25 May 2014

How To Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes

It's that time again. You've used up your makeup brushes and each bristle is coated with a layer of foundation, concealer or powder and the thought of using them again makes you cringe. Well… it makes me cringe. The fact that I've personally dealt with skin troubles for the past (nearly) 10 years is the reason why I use me makeup brushes once and then I pop them to the side for them to be washed. It may seem like a massive chore to wash your makeup brushes after every use but if you have a large collection, then once a fortnight doesn't sound too bad!

After washing my makeup brushes for over a year now (I've always had my sister wash them in the past haha), I know which soapy formula works to ensure that each bristle is cleaned and no longer has that beigey/orangey oily tint.

I decided to create a video to go with this post as a demonstration :) But I'm going to include step by step instructions and why I use the products I do.

I like to start off with filling up my sink with a mix of hot and cold water, but making sure that the water is on the warmish side. I find that using cold water doesn't completely get rid of the oily residue that lingers on the bristles.
So in the sink full of very warm water, I pour in Fairy Liquid (or any washing up liquid). If it's not Fairy Liquid then I add a lot more to the water to make sure it's very soapy. In my opinion, Fairy Liquid is a lot more stronger and it really gets rid of the excess product that is left in the brushes.
In addition to this, I pour in an equal amount of body wash. Not just any body wash, just body wash that isn't a cream base. So literally the majority of body wash will be fine! I just like using this because the Fairy Liquid can make be harsh on the bristles and you don't want anything happening to your beloved brushes. Plus, using a body wash makes the brushes smell really nice haha.

Once you have the amount of soapy water you want in your sink, you can start dipping in your brushes and swirling them about. I find that the hotter the water, the quicker the brushes become clean. So make sure the water is more of a hot-warm temperature and washing your brushes turns into a quick and therapeutic task. Yeah… I quite like to think it's therapeutic. I hope that doesn't make me sound crazy hahaha.

Once you've washed all of your brushes, set them aside on a folded up towel - preferably on a windowsill or near a window at least. I always have them set on a side where the sun rises, so they air dry very quickly while the sun beams on them :) Once they're dry, they will be ready to be used again!

I hope you guys liked this video/ tutorial! Remember to wash your brushes regularly to prevent bacteria spreading on your face and causing things like breakouts :)

~ xoxo

Beauty Empties #1

First it was my Organic Surge moisturiser, then the Organic Surge shampoo and then before I knew it, a collection of empty product bottlers and jars were collecting in a corner of my room. Why was I keeping them?
Well, for this of course! I decided to film my first ever Empties video and with this, I have given a review on the products too. I thought that it would be a great opportunity to review products that I have completely used up - rather than trying them just a few times. 

Here is the video:

Products mentioned:
Maybelline FIT Me Concealer - 25 (I don't know why I forgot to include it in the photos!)
Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser
Organic Surge Skin Perfecting Facial Polish
Groovy Foods Organic Virgin Coconut Oil
The Body Shop Moringa Shower Gel
'Front Row', Charles Worthington London, Heat Defence Spritz
Hollister Body Mist - Crescent Bay
Organic Surge Body Wash and Shampoo

I hope you guys liked this video and if so, don't forget to subscribe to my channel :)

~ xoxo

Friday, 23 May 2014

Dyeing My Hair… Again

If you've been reading my blog for some time now, you will know that I absolutely love to dye my hair. I've had it ombre'd, dark pink, dark red, purply… etc! Around the start of last month, I decided to dye my hair with the La Riche Directions in 'Tulip', which came out like a reddish shade to be honest. And I wasn't too keen on it as I preferred the 'Cerise' shade because it was more on the purple/pink side.

However, as summer is approaching us and we've had amazing beautiful weather the past week except today - I'm currently sat typing this whilst it's pouring it down outside - I've decided that I want to have lighter hair. As in, light brown. Now I know my hair has already been previously coloured and bleached, and I have several strands of hair that are lighter than the rest. But, I want my whole head a bit lighter with a few blonde/light brown/golden streaks running through it.

I'm not really up for going overboard with the bleach again, so I'm going to try and make a gradual build up to the colour that I desire. To start this gradual colouring process, I bought the Garnier Belle Colour hair dye in Natural Light Brown.

Of course, if you would like to see the dying process, how my hair was before and the after results, I did film it for you guys. Here is the video:

Looking back at the footage, I'd say that there isn't much of a big difference in the ends of my hair as those were previously coloured and were different shades of light brown. However, the top and middle of my hair has been lightened quite nicely and I have an even colour of brown!
This can be more of a base shade for the 'highlights'… I'm not quite sure what to call it as I'm not entirely sure what I'm doing just yet. But I'm just going to call this the base shade. 

I left the dye on my hair for a good 30 minutes whilst watching a RomCom - ahh, I love RomComs! I rinsed out the hair dye and washed it with the provided conditioner et voila! 

The result of my hair!

You can see that my hair has definitely been lightened, although some areas look more on the reddish side for some reason, and some areas are more brown. But hopefully after a few more washes, the colour will be more even and hopefully more on the brown side rather than red.

I hope you guys liked this post and the video, if you do, don't forget to give me a Thumbs Up and subscribe to my channel as I upload videos everyday :)

~ xoxo

The Photobooth Challenge

Following on from my last post, my sister and I filmed the Photobooth Challenge on Saturday evening after literally a week of me pestering her to watch Dan and Phil's version. I've seen a few of other YouTubers Photobooth Challenges in the past and I've been eager to film one since!

It honestly was a lot of fun! Who knew that you could laugh so much over making your face disproportionate and swirly?! Haha. Guys, if you want to try this then you definitely need to! I don't think this was an actual tag or anything, but feel free to do this and film yourselves! :)

~ xoxo

Thursday, 22 May 2014

A Trip Back To Leeds

This is a bit late, considering I've been back at my flat since Sunday evening. But truthfully I've not been in the mood to blog, and my main focus has been YouTube. But I'm feeling in the mood to blog right now, so why not talk about my trip to Leeds. (By the way, I vlogged a few clips from the weekend).

I had a few reasons why I went back; obviously to see my family after what… 4 weeks? Damn these assignments. I also had a family event to attend to, and it's not something I want to blog about but it was quite nice seeing the entire family again after what feels like 10 years. 

Here are a few highlights from my weekend:

- Capturing a cleaning Nemo with a lens bigger than my arm - it isn't really, but it weighed like it - (see pic below). 
- My cute nephew in the garden getting excited over drinking water and seeing Nemo around in the bushes? I had to babysit him a few times over the weekend which was really nice, and he finally recognises me hahaha.
- My sister in law's birthday was on Sunday and the cake her sister made was yummy! It was the first time I'd had Red Velvet and it was pretty moreish. 

This lens weighed an absolute ton, in fact a lot of things weigh an absolute ton to me. My own camera with its standard lens, my nephew and four bags of shopping from Asda.

In case you're wondering where the vlog is, here it is:

Oh, my sister and I also filmed the Photobooth Challenge Tag thing? Is it a tag? I have no idea. But we filmed it anyway. It's on my YouTube channel already if you want to check it out! But I am going to write it up in my next post anyway :)

I hope you guys had a great weekend and are currently having an awesome week! :)

~ xoxo

Monday, 19 May 2014

B. Makeup & Skincare Haul

After a couple weeks of literally collecting my B. Makeup and Skincare products, I have finally filmed  a haul video where I mentioned all of the products I bought and a mini review! The reason why I'm like just so excited to talk about these products is that they're Paraben-free and Cruelty free, so it's quite beneficial for the skin and little animals too :)
If you haven't heard of the B. Makeup and Skincare range, you can find the products in Superdrugs and the Superdrug website only, as it's an exclusive brand. They had a sale on the B. range and I just had to buy a few items. At the moment, I believe the products are 3 for 2? You are saving a few pennies, so definitely do get your hands on the products asap! 

I've been so excited to share these products with you all as I have been really loving them, and I suggest you guys to try them out. 

Products I bought:
B. Flawless Long Lasting Concealer
B. Sculpted Contour Kit
B. Pure Micellar Water
B. Naked Light Hydrating Foundation
B. Flawless Complete Coverage Foundation
B. Precise Gel Eyeliner

Here is the Haul video:

Along with this video, I've decided to take some swatches of the foundation and contour kit, and also the eyeliner so you guys can see the products more closely :) 

This bronzer is a subtle bronze colour that doesn't make me look orange or too brown (unlike many other bronzers I have tried in the past). This is a lovely neutral bronzy colour that definitely helps to contour the face without adding too much extra colour that looks cakey or fake.
The highlighter product has a creamy sort of texture, and it blends in quite well. This highlight isn't too blendable though, so it can end up looking a bit streaky on top of powder. (Say if you've already set your foundation base).

This concealer is a little too light for my skin tone, so it works well as a highlight for me. I love the texture of it though, as it blends in really well and it's a very creamy consistency. 

Since purchasing these foundations, I have been wearing the B. Naked Light Hydrating Foundation everyday as this is absolutely amazing! Honestly, through cold and warm weather (yeah, we have had both kinds of weather in the past three weeks!) this foundation stays put for long hours :) It helps to even out the skin tone but if you have acne scarring, this may not cover up your skin well as it's very sheer.
But the fact that the foundation is quite light and has a natural finish, I love wearing it. And the best part about it all, is that it hasn't made me break out at all :)

The Complete Coverage Foundation is provides more coverage and is very buildable in terms of coverage. However, I've not tried this foundation enough to write a complete review on it!

This gel eyeliner has to be my favourite by far, as it's very creamy! I love the consistency of this eye liner and it applies on the eyes very smoothly and packs an intense black colour too! Comparing this eyeliner to the Maybelline Gel Liner, I prefer this one as it's more smoother and easier to use.
The great thing about this eyeliner is that it stays on very long too, and the Micellar water didn't manage to remove it all within a sweep (compared to the other makeup!)

Like the Light Hydrating Foundation, I have been wearing this eyeliner everyday too :)

I hope you guys like the video and the review! 
Don't forget to subscribe to my channel :)

Have you tried any products by the B. brand?

~ xoxo

Thursday, 15 May 2014

Life Lessons I've Learned From University

After being a (hard working, I think) University student for the past 3 years, I have learned a bunch of life lessons along the way that have made me into the person I am today. Now, I know I have tons of things to learn in the future like… how to iron a shirt. Honestly, that's all I can think of at this moment. I'm useless at ironing things with sleeves.
But at this moment, I know I've learned quite a lot including trusting my own gut instinct and realise that I shouldn't worry what people think of me.

So here is my full list of:
 'Life Lessons I've Learned From University'. 

I really hope you guys like this video and it provides you with some insight. These are a few things that I wish I had known at the start of University, but at the same time, I don't regret making the actions that led me to learn all of these :) 

Are there any life lessons you have learned from college/university? 

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 14 May 2014

When one door closes...

Right guys, I'm not so sure how to start this blog post considering I've not sat down to write a heart-to-heart post in what feels like ages. I wanted to say something that was deep… but obviously that hasn't gone to plan.

Judging from the title of this blog post, you may be thinking, "What…? What door?" or, you may be like, "Ohhh, another University post?!" Haha. But hear me out guys. This isn't much of an update to do with University, but an update to do with me and my current awkward situation with life itself. 

I'm sure I'm in the same boat as many other final year students, as we've spent our past three (or four) years grafting over our deadlines, only to be hit with this feeling of, "Shit.. well what do I do now?"
I know this is quite subjective as different courses have different jobs lined up after students graduate. However after studying Journalism, I find myself in a bit of a predicament. 
It's not that there aren't any jobs available or I haven't learned enough. But, there are ways I can go about my future career. 

After updating, caring and nurturing this blog for almost three years, I can't let it go. I will always have an attachment to this blog and will constantly remember it as my online diary throughout University - even though I talked a sit load about makeup haha. And that's not saying I'm giving up this blog. After all, there are many bloggers that have turned their websites into businesses and have been given job opportunities.

I have a bit of a fear, that if I start working, I won't have time to do things that I love; like 
creating/editing videos, posting blog posts and working at my own pace. I love the idea of creating my own work. Even after I'd submitted all of my University work, I still felt like I had lots of other work to do. And that was to keep my blog and YouTube updated with videos and posts that I've been wanting to create throughout the past 3 years. 

So far, I have no idea where to go from here. I'm stuck at a bit of a crossroad where I can either plunge into the outside working world, or create my own work and become a freelance writer... thing. 
I'm not going to dismiss either of them, but for now, I am going to be working on my own work and hopefully create some projects. I feel like I really have to give it a chance first before making big decisions! 

And to start of this new phase, I have decided to really work my butt off. Firstly, I've updated my blog a little and renovated it - and hopefully it will motivate me to blog more. I am going to be filming lifestyle and beauty videos and uploading them daily - and hopefully I'll have a few different videos added in there too! Also, I will be adding more to my blog too. Not just updating my blog whenever I have a new video, but actual blog posts that are worth reading and I've put a lot of time into creating. Plus, I really hope to start networking a lot more (as I'm not very 'known' out there) and collaborating with other bloggers and YouTubers! 

Here's to the start of a new journey :)

~ xoxo

Tuesday, 13 May 2014

Casual Smokey Eye - Get Ready With Me

Hey everyone :)

Today I am bringing you a Smokey Eye look that I filmed in the style of a 'Get Ready With Me'. This is a look I sported mainly during the Autumn and Winter season, as smokey eyes are all the rage during those seasons!

Products I used:
MUA Eyeshadow - Beige colour
Bronzer / Light Brown shadow I used in the crease - B. Bronzer & Highlight Duo
MUA Undress Me Too palette - Shade 1 (in the inner corner area).
Golden Rose Dark Brown Eyeshadow
B. Gel Eyeliner
MUA Extreme Curl Mascara

Obviously this technique can be used when pairing up other eyeshadow colours. But I absolutely love using neutral and earth eyeshadows as it looks more understated. I find that using earthy and neutral toned eyeshadows, you can get away with wearing them during the day as well as at night, without looking too over dressed.

I hope you guys like this look :) Don't forget to subscribe to my channel if you haven't already :)

~ xoxo

Monday, 12 May 2014

Thank YOU!

Hey everyone :) 

I would like to say Thank You to you guys for making something that seemed so impossible for me, to happen. It came to my attention that I have reached over 1,000 subscribers on YouTube, and I am so thankful and appreciate every single one of you. 
I don't know why or how I managed to reach 1,000, but I know that I didn't expect it! Starting YouTube has been a challenge for me for the past 4 years, as I was originally camera shy/ lacking confidence but slowly I have managed to gain confidence to record myself. I know that this is the start of my journey, and I have a ton of videos that I'd like to do. And hopefully I will be able to do this for a while because this is a very fun and satisfying hobby/job!

I filmed a video saying Thank You, and also answering a few questions that I received on my Instagram! Hopefully if I continue to get questions, then I will do a Q&A every month or every other month :)

A #selfie to end the post :P

Thank you guys! 
And if you aren't subscribed already, then please do subscribe to my channel! It would mean a lot to me :)

~ xoxo

Saturday, 10 May 2014

My Top 5 Spring & Summer Lipsticks

Hey everyone :)

Today I am bringing you a selection of beautiful spring/summer lipsticks - which happens to be my favourite! When it comes to finding a makeup product that suits the summer weather in terms of the colour and texture, I always end up reaching for a light weight pink or peach lipstick! But obviously on a night out, I select a rich hot pink lipstick that compliments my skin tone.

I created a video so you guys can see how these lipsticks look on me, but I have also taken photos of swatches alongside a mini review down below!

The video:

Lipsticks shown:
Sleek - Barely There

NV Colour - Flamenco
Maybelline Whisper - 65
Maybelline Colour Sensational - Fuchsia Fever
Superdry - Electric Pink

Sleek - Barely There:
This is quite a nude, light weight lipstick that is similar to a salmon shade. In these photos, it looks more on the salmon side. This lipstick looks great on all skin tones! At first I thought that this lipstick would make me look a little washed out, but I have been loving wearing this as it looks great with minimal eye makeup and lots of bronzy contouring!

NV Colour - Flamenco
This lipstick looks a little similar to the Sleek lipstick, however this is a little bit more vibrant, pigmented and on the pink side rather than salmon. I love the case of this lipstick, as it's magnetic! This is one lipstick I will definitely be sporting this summer.

Superdry - Electric Pink
This is one of my favourite night out lipsticks, as it's a rich, cream hot pink lipstick. The name Electric Pink really does suit it well, as it truly is very vibrant and pigmented. This has to be my favourite lipstick out of this selection, as it goes so well with Olive, Golden and Asian skin tones.
It's a little bit pricey but definitely worth it!

Maybelline Whisper - 65
After wearing this lipstick religiously during the end of last summer, I am surprised I've not ran out of it yet! But this lipstick is a very dewy and sheer lipstick that kinda resembles a tint or balm. This lipstick is perfect for days where you don't want to wear so much makeup or you just want a hint of colour on your lips. Oh, this lipstick will keep your lips very moisturised and hydrated too.

Maybelline Colour Sensational - Fuchsia Fever
I've heard that this Fuchsia Fever lipstick is a dupe of MAC's Candy Yum Yum, however I don't have that lipstick so I can't really compare the two. But this lipstick is very Nicki Minaj. That is honestly how I'm describing it! I love the vibrancy and colour of this lipstick, and this too is the kind I would wear on a night out - as it's a little too vibrant for during the day (in my opinion). 

In terms of lasting power, the lipsticks that definitely last a long time are the Superdry, NV Colour and Maybelline Colour Sensational lipsticks. The others I find are more sheer in texture, which is probably better during the day.

I hope you guys like this review and video! Please give me a thumbs up on my video and subscribe to my channel, it would mean a lot to me :)

~ xoxo

Friday, 9 May 2014

Facebook / Social Media TAG

Hey everyone :)

Just passing by and updating you guys with my latest video! I have a few more on the way that I am currently editing, so I shall be back tomorrow with those :) I'm currently free from University work so I plan on uploading a ton of videos and writing up new blog posts!

~ xoxo

Saturday, 3 May 2014

First Impressions on the Foundation bottle that broke in the post.

Hey everyone :)

If you have been following my Twitter/Facebook lately, you will know that recently I have been unlucky in receiving a certain foundation bottle. After searching the internet for Vegan and paraben-free makeup, I came across the B. Makeup range on the Superdrug website, again. Previously, I've walked past the B. stall and decided not to purchase their products as they are quite pricey - despite their pure quality.
However, Superdrug have had a sale on the B. Skincare and Makeup range which has dropped the prices of the foundations to around £5. Which is an absolute bargain if you ask me!

After reading through reviews of the foundations, I decided to settle for the Light Hydrating Foundation and Complete Coverage Foundation, I had also purchased the stick concealer and Contour bronzer/highlighter duo.

However on Monday afternoon, I went to open up my parcel to find that my products were intact except the Light Hydrating Foundation. 
Which looked a little like this…

So as you can imagine, I was pretty disappointed. It wasn't like I could properly use the foundation because the lid was attached to the pump, which was attached to the top third of the glass bottle. So I was unable to use the pump, plus, I could put it together. The top of the bottle sat awkwardly on the bottle and if I had happened to have knocked it, bits of glass would come off.
The bottom of the glass had been broken too, so puddles of oil and foundation were dotted around on my desk.

But despite this delivery disaster,  I did manage to give the foundation a try and I filmed a 'First Impressions' video for you guys :)

This foundation has quite a sheer formula, and at first it seemed like it wasn't my shade? It looked a little bit light for my skin (or in this lighting) but once you blend out the foundation, it looked quite nice on my skin.
I'd say that this foundation provides a medium coverage, but if you have acne scarring (like I do), you will need a concealer to cover up any scarring or blemishes. 

The shade I bought: 040 Honey.

I review the foundation more in this video, so if you would like to hear what my initial thoughts are about this foundation then check it out.

I hope you guys like this post/video, and if you do, give me a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel!

~ xoxo
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