Tuesday, 1 April 2014

I guess I'm not really sure what to feel right now

So as you guys may know (from trending topics on Twitter and Facebook), How I Met your Mother ended last night with it's 1 hour season finale. And let me tell you… I don't know how to feel.
I watched it several hours ago whilst it aired in America, and it's currently 10:37am here in the UK. I've gone to sleep and I've woke up and not I'm writing this. 
Now, I've been watching the show for over 3 years now - so I wasn't a die hard fan from the start *gasp*. 
But I've grown to really love the show, like really love the show. I mean, I'm making HIMYM references in the middle of eating my lectures, I'm talking about you "Major Trouble".
So after watching the show for this long, I'm really fond of the characters - and I definitely will miss them!

How I'm feeling about last night's episode - WARNING: SPOILERS!:
- Before the mother came onto the scene in Season 8, I really did want Ted and Robin back together. Like, despite her getting along so well with Barney, I just shipped Robin and Ted.
- Until the mother came along, who we later find out has the same initials as Ted, she's called Tracy McDonnell. I thought the mother and Ted were amazing together… like they really suited. So after she came into the scene in the 'Something New' episode, I really shipped the mother and Ted.

- Playing the 'she got sick and died' card made me so damn emotional. Like I kinda expected that because there was a lot of foreshadowing in the previous episodes i.e: the mother saying to ted "I don't want you to be living in your stories". And why was Ted telling his kids how he met their mother eh?
- When Robin went to the last-apartment party and started getting emotional over Ted and the mother, I thought: "Here we go again!"
- P.S: It broke my heart when Robin was confessing her love for him in the last episode and Ted was like, "I'm not that guy anymore"
- But I'm really glad Ted got her in the end! 
- I guess the judge/baby story lines are all that Marshall and Lily have I guess. I would've liked to have seen them do something a bit more.
- Maybe a baby was what Barney needed all along… and since Robin couldn't give that to him, well… I guess that's a reason to why they divorced.
- I didn't like Robin's hair in the final shot! Why?! Her hair was perfectly fine in the other scenes! But, I loved Lily's hair, especially with the full fringe (announcing baby number 3)

I can understand a lot of people getting annoyed or upset about it ending like this, because it's taken 9 Seasons for this one storyline. But at the same time, I'm glad they got back together and he had the kids' approval. I'm sure most people (if not everyone) will agree with me that we've learned some hard hitting life lessons just from watching the show. I guess it's just being able to relate to the characters so well and that they've gone through normal things that everyone else goes through, that made the show really awesome. 

And by the way, the ending had been filmed at the start of the show - so back in Season 1… David Henrie and the other girl knew the ending all along?! Surely that must've been so hard to keep to themselves!

One other thing, I guess this was a little foreshadowed too. In an episode, Marshall bet that Robin and Ted would be together, and he still hadn't paid Lily. (I think that episode was No Pressure)?

I really hope How I Met Your Dad kicks off sometime soon and that is just as good as HIMYM! 

~ xoxo

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