Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Dyeing My Hair Tulip & Your Questions ANSWERED

Hey everyone :)

It's been a while since I last posted, but now I am back for good! :) On Saturday evening, I decided to make use of my tub of La Riche Directions in the shade 'Tulip'. It has been waiting to be used since November, oh how time flies!

This time, I decided to film some of the colouring process and I also answered a lot of the questions that I've been receiving recently. Most of the questions were about the visibility of the colour and how vibrant the colour turns out on dark hair. Luckily for you guys, I used the hair dye on my dark brown hair, so this is an honest view and opinion on the hair dye. 
(Video is at the end of this post :))

As you guys can see, in the sunlight my hair is super bright, vibrant and rich in colour! I absolutely love this hair colour, although it is more on the reddish side and I preferred more of a pink/purple shade like 'Cerise'. 
I will probably use the dye Cerise in a month or two as I prefer that colour so much more! 

Here is the video for you guys, and I hope this answers your questions about the hair dye :)

Thank you for watching! 
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~ xoxo


  1. Your hair looks lovely Ravinder! I love how the colour looks in sunlight :) xo

  2. so for a pink/purple colour you recommend cerise, tulip or dark tulip?? i love your hair by the way :))))

  3. beautiful color!! LOVE it! making me miss my red hair <33


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