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My Updated Organic Skincare Routine

Hey everyone :)

If you're following me on Facebook / Twitter / Instagram, you will know that I've recently decided to go down the route of using (many more) organic skincare products. The reason I am saying 'many more' is because I already use an organic face wash and scrub. But now I've decided that the products that will be going on my skin, will be 100% certified organic :)

*P.S: There's a video at the end of this post!

So let me talk you guys through my new skincare routine! For my everyday basic skincare, I opted for Organic Surge. I have been using their face wash, mask, moisturiser, exfoliant since last year and they're my #1 choice for organic skincare. Not only do they have a large selection of products, but they're very inexpensive too! Their face wash bottle is pretty large and will last you around 4 months, even if you're using it twice a day. 
My everyday face wash/ mask/ shampoo/ body wash is from Organic Surge!

For my acne and problem areas, I decided to try out African Black Soap. Not the raw 100% Black Soap, but one that contains 50% Shea Butter. I bought mine from AKOMA Skincare.

More about this product:
Receiving both Fairtrade certification (from the Fairtrade Foundation) and organic status (from the Soil Association) in 2009, our Akoma African Black Soap from Ghana is prized for it’s natural healing properties. This Fairtrade Organic Black Soap is full of essential vitamins, minerals and antioxidants and has a mild, fresh, natural scent. Plus, it's wonderful creamy lather of fine bubbles leaves your skin clean and refreshed.
Traditionally made, this soap contains raw shea butter, organic virgin coconut oil and cocoa pods a perfect combination for treating all kinds of skin conditions. Its color comes from the processing of its natural ingredients and like all Akoma products, it is free from dyes, charcoal, artificial perfumes, animal products and derivatives (which makes it a favourite for vegans).
When purchasing black soap, make sure it’s from western Africa and not made in the United States orEurope. Soaps from these countries are mass produced and not true African Black Soap (they contain artificial ingredients that give them their dark colouring).

 I've used this for three days now and I have definitely seen a difference in my skin. My face has had a purging period which wasn't very nice, but you only experience this if your skin is congested. This soap will help to relieve my dry skin, acne, acne scarring and balance my complexion :) 

I will do an in-depth review once I've used this soap for at least over a month so I can see an impressive difference :)

For my moisturiser, I have dumped the traditional cream moisturisers and I'm using oils. The first oil I'm using is Avocado Oil, and this is 100% unrefined cold pressed Avocado Oil. This is made from the avocado flesh rather than the seed, so all of the vitamins and nutrients are in there!

I use this all over my face before bed, and this ensures that my skin is fully moisturised. Also, Avocado Oil is known to help lighten any acne scarring or pigmentation, so this will go hand in hand with the Black Soap!

For my 'before makeup' oil, I use the Caudalie Divine Oil. This contains a variety of oils and smells so lovely! The reason I use this before makeup is because not only does it moisturise, but it's not very oily and doesn't make my face look shiny whilst I'm wearing makeup! 
It smells so lovely, and I guess it's a much nicer aroma than the Avocado Oil - which me and my sister claim smells like salami.

When it comes to removing my makeup, I use the Avocado Oil and just massage that all over my face - and this melts off all of the makeup. Then I take a warm towel and put that on top of my face for a few seconds and then I wipe of the makeup and give it a quick rinse!

I hope you guys like this post/video and I will be writing up a follow up to let you guys know how I'm doing with these products! Hopefully this time next week, there will be more of a difference with my complexion and I can review the Organic Surge products. However, I'm going to give it a while before I review the Black Soap & oils so I give an honest review with photographs :)

~ xoxo

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