Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Piercings

Hey everyone :)

I received a request on my YouTube to make a video talking about my piercings. That is all. Enjoy!

I'm just kidding! 

Piercings I have:
Lobe piercing x4
Tragus Piercing - Right Ear
Conch Piercing - Left Ear

I've had my regular lobe piercing since I was very very young, I probably got them done when I was a baby. I then got my Tragus piercing when I was 14 (I was in Year 10), and that was painful for the first month - and absolutely killed when I had to get it changed the week after!
My most recent piercings - Conch and second set of Lobe piercings I got done in November and December of 2013. The lobe piercings haven't properly healed and are sensitive from time to time. However, my Conch piercing has healed lots! It's not fully healed but it's not as sensitive now and I can slide the bar back and forth :)

I explain more in the video!

I hope you guys liked this video and if you have any questions or anything, leave a comment here or on the YouTube video and I shall get back to you :) 

~ xoxo

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