Monday, 31 March 2014

Chit Chat Catchup: Kittens, Mothers Day & New Products

Hey everyone :)

I know it's been quite a while since I last posted a lengthy chit chat type of blog post, and I figured that it's time to do so! 
As you guys may (or may not) know, next week on Friday, I will be submitting my two main deadlines for my final year - which is why I haven't been writing blog posts or sitting down to create many YouTube videos. I have so much to blog and chat about but this has a higher priority at the moment! 
However, if any of you guys want to be kept in the loop of my life, then do follow me on my Twitter and Instagram as I post on there at least everyday!

So it was Mothers Day in the UK yesterday, so I went home for the weekend - which was really nice considering I hadn't been home in over a month! It was an overdue trip and I really enjoyed it!!

On Saturday evening, we went to my sister's place as it was my brother-in-law's 29th birthday. We had a bit of a get together and it was really lovely to see everyone again :) My sister made her husband an awesome birthday cake in the shape of the Leeds United T-shirt:

She said she spent around two days on it (I think?) and tried to get the logo as close to the original as she could! The cake went down a treat, not only did it look really awesome but it tasted amazing as usual. 

 A little pixelated but it's a nice picture :) I think I look a bit older than her here though… *hides*

For the past two weeks, my mum has been sending me photos of baby kittens! Turns out, my auntie's cat had three kittens two weeks ago and that has been the main big thing lately. So I made sure that we went to see them when I was back home - I mean, who can resist seeing new born kittens that are just crawling about and squeaking when they want their mum?!

At this age, they were still in their little bed and snuggling up with each other :) It was so adorable to watch! I have a video too which I put on my Instagram, so do check that out if you want to see a sleepy kitten enjoying a good head rub!

For Mother's Day - which was a little rushed as my sister headed off to Manchester in the evening for her week holiday to Sharm el Sheikh (lucky!) - we got her a card and a present :) 

My mum and I also went to my grandmas too and bought her a large vegetable pizza!

My mum was clearly looking at the screen rather than the camera lens haha :)

Moving on to the products, I have been gifted with a variety of beauty and skincare items from my sister - and I am so so so lucky to have been given them :) 
The FM Cosmetics products have been tried before by my sister, and she gave them to me as I wanted to try them - and maybe use them all :P I've been wanting a close-to Organic foundation and FM Cosmetics are all 100% mineral so why not :) I was given the Silicone base primer, CC Color and Care Powder, and the Second Skin Foundation :)
As my sister is a seller for Neal's Yard Remedies, she also gave me a few (more) samples of the Wild Rose Beauty Balm and the Scrub. She also gave me the hair mask and the Beautiful Skin Tea! I tried the tea last night, and I think it's so sweet (but if you brew it too much, it gets a little bitter). 

I came across an Organic skincare brand called Ravenscourt Apothecary on Etsy, and I loved the look of their soaps! As you guys know, I am using Organic skincare now (my makeup collection is sort of getting there…) and I've been on the hunt for Organic soaps and body washes etc. I know I have the Organic Surge products, but I want to try different soaps that are targeted for different skin types.

From Ravenscourt Apothecary, I bought the Activated Charcoal Soap and the Kaolin White Clay Soap. I know these products will work well for my skin type (oily/combination) and I can't wait to see how these products work out for me! 

These products will be reviewed either on this blog or on my YouTube channel in the next few weeks. I will try to have a blog post up sometime this week or next, so you guys will have something to read! 

I hope you guys liked this catchup post and have a great week! 

~ xoxo

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  1. Woww!! I love the cake and the kittens are the cutest thing ever (:
    ~Makaela at


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