Saturday, 8 March 2014

#100HappyDays - Volume I

Hey everyone :)

Where have you been!? Yeah, I know, I know. I've not blogged in over a week and I'm sorry guys! University work, #TOWIE and sorting out my sleeping pattern seemed to take up most of the time. Plus, I have just over a month until I have to submit my two major deadlines and well, it's scary. So apologies for the lack of blog posts and videos, I promise I will get back on it once I've submitted most of my work… and hopefully I'll try to update everyday!

Nonetheless, I am bringing you guys the Volume 1 to my #100HappyDays - which I blogged about starting in one of my previous posts! I highly recommend you guys to do this challenge :) 

So, let's get on with the photos!

- One of my Valentines Day presents :) I got back to my freezing cold flat and luckily I have this adorable hot water bottle
- #foodporn: M&S Lemon cake, chocolate eclairs, chocolate profiteroles and scotch pancakes mmmm!
- Pictures from my first two nights out in Huddersfield. They seem so long ago and it's crazy how much my life has changed so much since then :)

- In Pizza Hut with Natalie and Kyriaki for lunch! It was lovely meeting and catching up with them 
- Looking back on my old photographs from when I went to Egypt, it was an awesome holiday!
- #Selfie - My makeup turned out really nice and I think this was for a YouTube video. Plus, I quite like my hair in this too!

- A #tb photograph from Halloween. Ryan and I bought a ton of chocolate and sweets and watched Haunting In Connecticut… and then Legally Blonde because we were a bit too scared hahaha.
- Another #tb, day before Halloween on our first sort of, 'night out'. We only went for a couple drinks before it got too manic outside
- #foodporn : Garlic pizza, Meaty pizza (with salami, pepperoni, garlic sausage) and cheesy fries! Yummmm!

- I don't know why but I felt the need to photo this - 750g of pure heaven! 
- Because the weather is a lotttt better lately, my room gets so much light in the morning/afternoon. This time, there was a lot of sun peaking through my curtains and it's a lovely sight to wake up to :)
- My blog, my love and my family :) A lot of things to be grateful for <3

- My makeup bag overflowing with beauty products! I'm so lucky to try out a lot of makeup and obviously, have a large cosmetics collection!
- Happythankyoumoreplease has to be one of my favourite movies ever! It's written/directed by Josh Radnor and he stars in it too. But the reason I love this movie is because it's a relatable movie, and it makes you see things a bit more positively and differently :) 
- #selfie - the only picture I have with Nemo and she's looking at the camera haha. This took a few takes, but she's so cute and didn't mind!

- The sun was beaming through my windows like crazy, and I thought I'd take a photo of my hair because I'd dyed it multiple times during January and before that. And I guess it's become a miss mash of colours but I really like it! :)
- My entire Organic Surge collection! I've changed my beauty regime to an organic one*, which required me to buy new shampoo and body wash! Oh, and to stock up on more face wash.
- The final addition to my organic skin care, Avocado Oil. It lightens the complexion and any acne scarring, reduces acne, and moisturises the skin well!*

- Happiness comes in the form of a pizza :) This pizza was absolutely delicious!! 
- Watching EastEnders in bed whilst Ryan washed my dishes - he doesn't like watching it and sometimes refers to it as 'Shitstenders', so he washed up the dishes from our dinner :)
- Breakfast in bed - New York bagels smothered in chocolate spread, made by Ryan :)

*I will be writing up some sort of skincare routine within the week, where I'll be showing you guys which products I am now using and my routine of how I am using it! Also, follow up posts will be posted every other week, as I want there to be a massive difference and you'll be able to see the improvement!

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I hope you guys liked this post, and I recommend everyone to do this tag! It's not about showing off, or making others feel jealous - but finding happiness in the smallest (if not biggest) things in our day :)

~ xoxo

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