Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Wise Words Wednesday - Makeup Brushes

Hey everyone :)

There's this one habit that I'm sure all - and I mean all -  of us have done at some point in our lives. Even if it was just once, or twice. Whilst many of us have realised this embarrassing habit and are no longer victims to it.. We do see others committing this terrible crime! Okay, I'm probably making it sound a lot worse than it is - and don't worry, this isn't an actual crime… But it is a hazard to your face.

I'm talking about blowing on your brushes. 

You know when you're about to apply any powder product - eyeshadow, setting powder, bronzer, blusher etc - and you have a little bit too much on your brush. There are two main things that people do: 1) Tap off the excess powder, or, 2) Blow on the brush to 'get rid' of the excess.

What people who do the number 2 option (haha… number 2) don't realise, is that while you think that blowing on the brush is getting rid of excess powder, you're actually putting bacteria onto the brushes. And this bacteria, is going to go onto your face. Not nice huh? And the average mouth is filled with lots and lots of bacteria - which we are oblivious to.

So next time you're about to get rid of the excess powder on your makeup brush, tap it off. This way the excess powder will actually drop off, and you're not putting any extra unwanted bacteria onto your face.

~ xoxo

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  1. great tip!! i tap my brush on the powder case just to be safe.


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