Saturday, 22 February 2014

Wild Mermaid Hair Tutorial

Hey everyone :)

I don't think I've ever done a hair tutorial on my blog before… damn! Well, there is a first time for everything. Today I'm going to teach you guys how to get wild mermaid hair. In case you guys didn't know, mermaid hair (as in the curls) looks like this:

It's basically very wavy hair, that is similar to how beach hair waves/ curls look! And of course, I was inspired to create this look after seeing Cheesie with it. She makes it look so pretty! However, I wanted to create a more sort of 'wild' look… something like this:

I still have the soft waves, except they're more smaller (due to small braids) and I braided from the roots of my hair, rather than starting a third of the way down. The fact I started the braid at the root created more volume, and looks more natural. Most people with naturally curly hair, it often looks like this - despite mine looking like bed hair haha!
I've been told this look suits me though, so I can't complain :)

To create this look, this is what you need:

 - A lot of hair bobbles / hair ties - whatever you want to call them! This will secure all of the braids and prevent them from coming loose during the time you keep them in :)
 - Water / Spray - In this case, I used the Heat Defense Spritz from 'Front Row'. I like how this spray makes my hair feel soft and silky.. and it's very convenient that it's in a spray bottle too :)


1) Spray the hair all over - well you can either spray it all in one go, or spray as you section your hair. I chose to do both as I wanted my curls/waves to really mould with my hair. It's best to work in sections though, as you ensure that you're grabbing each piece of hair and there are no loose strands.

2) Section the hair, and begin to braid! For more volume and tighter waves/curls, braid with smaller sections of hair. If you want bigger waves and more of a sleek appearance, then obviously, braid larger sections of hair.

3) Once you have completed the head, spray your hair once again with water / heat defence spray. Then put up into a ponytail or however you choose to wear your braids!

It's up to you how long you leave the braids in - I chose to leave mine in over night as it ensured my hair will mould to the curls much better. Whenever I curl my hair, I choose to use non-heat products (like using the little curling barrels they use for perms or this braid method) and I leave it in overnight.

Then in the morning, you can wake up and take out the braids and style your hair however you wish :)

I hope you guys liked this tutorial :) and do try it out! It takes a while to get used to and find out how you can work with it. But it's one of those looks that you have to try at least once in your life! :P

~ xoxo

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