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What's In My Travel Makeup Bag?

Hey everyone :)

For me, Final Year has consisted of a lot (and I mean a lot) of travelling. I'm travelling back up to Leeds every week for certain University projects, interviews and well.. to see the family! Whilst this involves lengthy journeys, bracing freezing windy weather and overnight stays - it's hard to keep up with my appearance. Wait. It's not that hard - considering I have my favourite products on check ;)
But it is a bit of a struggle when it involves wearing lots of makeup, running on 5 hours sleep and not being in my own home (or flat) environment.

Luckily for me, I've found my go-to makeup essentials for everyday use. These products are small and compact enough to fit into my makeup bag (I forgot to photograph it… sorry). 
This amount of products may seem like a lot to some of you - or it might seem like an average amount - but this is enough for me on a daily basis, and if I ever wanted to switch it up!

1) ELF Contouring Blush and Bronzing Powder
As you can see, I have been using both palettes for a while considering I've hit the pan on both products! But this just shows how much I've used these products!
When it comes to Blush and Bronzer, this is a nifty compact palette that can easily slip into your handbag or purse - and it comes with a mirror too which is great. The reason why I use this blusher and bronzer is because they're great shades for everyday use. They're not too shimmery or too vibrant that it'll make you look OTT. You can just dab a bit of blush onto the apples of your cheeks for a flushed rosy look. Or, you can go for a sun kissed glow by using both blusher and bronzer. Or, (yes, there is another option!) you can go for a sculpted look by using the bronzer to define your cheekbones and your jawline.
The great thing about the bronzer is that is doesn't look 'orangey' like some bronzers do. It's build able- so you're able to create a defined appearance - but you can also use this for a slight definition if you're going for a more subtle look.
It's considered a money saving dupe for NARS Blush & Bronzer - Orgasm/Laguna (in case you're wondering the shade) - so it's a definite bargain! 

2) HD Brows - 'Bombshell'
You may be thinking, "Why are you using an eyebrow powder that is suited for lighter hair colour?" Well, muchacho, whenever I fill my eyebrows in, I use both the brown shade and the black - to create a sort of dark brown colour. As black itself is way too dark. It makes me look like a vampire, and it doesn't suit me at all. Plus, I have very faint eyebrows too, so this brown shade is perfect for filling in my brows :) This palette also makes for a great eyeshadow palette. I sometimes use the light brown colours as a crease colour - for a bit of definition if I don't feel like wearing much eyeliner/dramatic eyeshadow.

3) Maybelline Fit Me Powder - 220
My go-to favourite setting powder! I just use this to set my foundation and concealer, and it holds it all in place for many many hours. It matches my skin tone very well and does the job! :)

4) Benefit Erase Paste - 03 Deep
This is a great concealer for days where I've not had much sleep, my skin feels awful, but I need to wear makeup. This has a warm undertone - which looks makes me look radiant, and it's very creamy - so it doesn't accentuate my dry patches. But, the most amazing thing about this concealer is it's pigment. It covers all! It is literally a paste, that erases
I generally use this under my foundation or under another concealer which is cool toned - just so I don't look too 'warm'. I'm quite pale you see. It does a great job of working with other makeup products, and it doesn't fall into any cracks or lines underneath my eyes :) 

5) Caudalie Divine Oil
I am absolutely in love with the Caudalie Divine collection - as I have recently bought the Divine Legs and Divine Scrub along with a 100ml bottle of this gorgeous oil! 
My sister first gave me this oil to try as she has been loving it, and it cleared a lot of her acne. So I thought "Why not?" and two months later, I am absolutely loving it! My skin has improved so much since I've been applying it to my acne and acne scarring, and I'm breaking out less too. 
The smell of the oil is amazing, and my boyfriend loves it too ;)
I know this is a pricey product, but it has done so much good for my skin as it's packed with natural oils and extracts - so you're definitely paying for a high quality blend of oils.
Before I get into bed, I literally coat my face with this oil - okay, maybe not coat. But I apply the oil liberally to my face - and when I wake up, my face looks refreshed, glowing and moisturised!

6) Maybelline fit Me concealer - 25; & Kat Von D Lock-It concealer - Medium Tan
These are my go-to concealers if I'm wanting to rock a subtle everyday look, or even for those days where I feel like I'm having a good skin day! Let me rephrase that: On a day I want to rock a subtle everyday look - I'll use the Kat Von D concealer. Whenever I'm having a good skin day, I use the Maybelline concealer.
The Kat Von D concealer is obviously a tattoo concealer - so it's much more thicker and pigmented as it is designed to cover the darkest and most stubborn scars/marks you have! It's not as thick as the Glamoflauge concealer - and you can layer it up without it looking cakey. However, using this concealer on it's own can look like a foundation itself - despite only using little amounts. 
The Maybelline Fit Me concealer is great for days where I don't need that much coverage - a good skin day or a daily thing like going to a seminar or going shopping. The concealer isn't very thick, so it doesn't make you look cakey. But it does a great job of covering redness and faint scarring :)
Plus, this is an amazing shade!

7) Benefit's They're Real Mascara
Words cannot describe how much I love this mascara. It builds up my lashes - that are teensy weeny - making them look long and voluminous and thick. Without making them look spidery or.. really stuck together. 
Another thing I really like about the mascara is the brush - it's amazing! The mascara brush has enough bristles to grab the smallest of lashes, coating them in the product and lengthening them. 
You can use one or two coats for a natural look, or you can use many more coats to build up the thickness and volume to how you want :)

8) L'Oreal Nude Magique Foundation
I have recently been loving this foundation after wearing it multiple times the past two months. Whilst this is a 'nude' foundation, it's quite sheer and I originally thought that it wouldn't cover my scarring. However, this foundation is a liquid to powder foundation. Meaning that it does actually cover my scarring whilst maintaining a natural and non-cakey look.
The shade matches me well and is great for everyday wear, and the MOST amazing part of all… It doesn't break me out! 
It's hard to find a foundation that isn't too pore clogging or thick, but this foundation doesn't do any nasty things to my face :) Which is awesome!

9) Lipsticks: Topshop - 'Inhibition' ; Soap & Glory 'Red My Lips'
These two lipsticks have been my favourite lipsticks as of late. I've been into deep red/plum colours and these two are my go-to everyday lipsticks!
I tried the Topshop lipstick after seeing swatches online and I thought that I had to buy it! I bought this along with the colour "Depth" that is a very dark violet shade. This lipstick glides onto the lips very smoothly, and is super pigmented. It's such a gorgeous deep pink/purple/red colour and perfect for fall/winter.
'Red My Lips' has been my favourite lipstick for at least over a year! The shade is a kind of 'my lips but better' shade, and once the lipstick has worn off a little, it looks very very natural. I know it looks a little dark as a swatch or the bullet, but it's a gorgeous colour. The scent of this lipstick is heavenly! It smells like vanilla.. unlike the usual scent of many other lipsticks - that resembles a rather synthetic scent. 
Also, this lipstick contains Shea Butter and different vitamins - making it very moisturising and luxurious. It doesn't make my lips dry, or accentuate any dryness when applied. It's a lipstick that everyone should at least have in their makeup collection!

10) Soap & Glory - Supercat Eyeliner
Staple Eyeliner. It doesn't get any simpler than that.
This has been my favourite eyeliner for nearly 2 years now. It's very easy to use, you can create thin and thick lines… and well… it does an amazing job! I have blogged about this eyeliner several times now and I absolutely love it.

11) Brushes: Flat eyeshadow brush ; Double sided Eyebrow brush
These are two basic brushes that I my makeup collection wouldn't be complete without (well, I didn't photograph my foundation brushes and my powder brush). But these brushes are very versatile :)
The flat brush is great for patting on eyeshadow, and lining my eyes and even a bit of eyelid contouring.
The double ended brush is mostly for my eyebrows, as I line the underneath of my brows and fill it in going upwards. But I also use it to line my lids, and brush through my brows :)

I hope you guys liked this mini review of the products in my travel bag :)

~ xoxo

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