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My Top Pink Lipsticks

Hey everyone :)

I have a continuously growing collection of lipsticks. It's an addiction. The fact that you are able to completely transform the look you're going for with a certain coloured lipstick, is something that really appeals to me. 
When it comes to lipsticks, there are certain things you need to look out for. Is it sheer or matte finish? Is it warm toned or cool toned? Will I need a lip balm before applying it or is it going to be quite dewy? But one of the biggest question that I know all of us think, is, "Is it going to suit me?"

Wearing a bright or bold lipstick can be very daunting, especially if you're jumping from wearing a clear lip balm to an actual lip colour. But it's important to know that not every lipstick out there is bright or bold or too dramatic.

I have decided to round up a collection of pink lipsticks - dewy, matte, inexpensive, neutral toned. And review them for you all :) I have chosen some that are bold and more 'party' wear, and I have chosen a few that are perfect for during the day and it won't look too dramatic.
Also, these lipsticks are neutral toned, so they should suit most people if not everyone :)

NYC  - 404:
If you're looking for a very vibrant lipstick (which lasts and is also very budget friendly), then do check out the lipstick range by NYC. You can find it in Superdrugs rather than Boots.
This lipstick applies very smoothly and is very pigmented! The one thing I can recommend with this lipstick is to apply a balm before, as this can be a bit drying. It can also accentuate dry skin, or make sure to exfoliate/apply a balm beforehand!
This is definitely an underrated lipstick as not many people would actually pick up this lipstick - unless you're a student like me and you're wanting a good buy! You don't need to apply this lipstick liberally to achieve these intense colour, as it is very very very pigmented!
However this lipstick doesn't have much lasting power, as it can easily be wiped off.

Maybelline Colour Sensational - Fuchsia Fever :
This lipstick was bought by my sister from when she went to Las Vegas, and I remember opening this lipstick and being like, "OMG, this is really vibrant". In the photo, it doesn't look too vibrant - however this is with one layer. If you were to apply it very liberally, then you will get the appearance of vibrant pink barbie lips! 
This lipstick is a considered a dupe of MAC's Candy Yum Yum, however I think this isn't as pink. Also with this lipstick, you will need to apply a balm prior to application as this can make lips look a bit chapped. I have yet to find an eye makeup look to wear this lipstick with - but I am sure this will look great with understated eyes.
It's a very pigmented and bold lip and you don't want to pair it up with dramatic eyes as it can look unbalanced.

Maybelline Whisper - 65:
This lipstick too, was from America, and I instantly fell in love with the shade of the bullet! It's a very summery, juicy bubblegum colour (that's the only thing I can compare it to haha!)
But the amazing thing about this lipstick is that it's sheer. It's not like a tinted balm, as it gives a better colour pay off. However it is very sheer and makes the lips look very dewy!
This lipstick can be worn during the day and night without thinking you look over dressed. I love wearing this lipstick on sunny days, as it can brighten up the face :)
As this is a dewy sheer lipstick, you don't have to worry about applying balm, as this keeps your lips looking hydrated and doesn't dry up the lips either.

MUA - Shade 7:
Along with the NYC lipstick, this is a very underrated lipstick! In fact, a lot of MUA makeup is underrated, as they have eyeshadow palettes which are dupes of Urban Decay. Their lipsticks retail for £1 each, and it's an absolute bargain as they are of amazing quality!
I remember picking up this shade, along with another pink colour, however I fell in love with this lipstick as it's my kind of pink. It's super vibrant, bold, pigmented! And it goes well with my skin tone too :) Furthermore, this is lipstick is very creamy too, so it doesn't make your lips look dry.
(I wasn't wearing lip balm in the pics, so you can see how creamy the lipstick is)
However, this doesn't stain the lips so you will need to keep applying it say after a few hours or if you've eaten - if you want to still maintain the rich colour.

Rimmel London Kate Moss - 17:
Along with the two Maybelline lipsticks, this was also from America. Weird huh, Rimmel London lipstick from Las Vegas?
But before this lipstick, I had never tried any lipsticks from Rimmel and I wish I had!
This lipstick is a very neutral pinkish shade, and it's perfect for during the day and also when you're wearing a dramatic eye makeup look.
I initially thought that this lipstick would be a cool toned lipstick and it'd make me look dull and drained. However, this is a lovely lipstick and I had received a lot of compliments the first time I wore it!
After trying this lipstick, I am definitely wanting to see which other shades they sell and I'll look forward to trying them! :) This is a lipstick where you'll need a bit of balm. It's quite rich and creamy but it can accentuate dry skin, and make them chapped once it's worn off.

NV Cosmetics Chunky Crayon - Watermelon:
I was kindly given this in a good bag from an NV Cosmetics event in August. I remember seeing this lip crayon and I fell in love with the colour. It's such a vibrant pink/coral shade, and very much like the inside of a watermelon! 
This is a very vibrant and bold colour, which is very creamy so you won't need to moisturise the lips. However, this applies on as easy as it is to wipe off. Well, that is what I have found with this lip crayon.
So you will need to top up the colour once you've eaten or drank, but nonetheless it is a lovely colour and one of my favourite lipsticks!

Superdry - Electric Pink:
Finally! Finally I have shown you guys what this lipstick is like! I blogged about it last week (or was it the week before?) and I said I loved the colour of it and the creamy texture of it!
As this is a higher end lipstick - around £10? or £12? - you are expecting a lot from it. And you do!
This is not only creamy, velvety and makes your lips look dewy. But it also sort of stains the lips too, so it has a longer staying power. The name is "Electric Pink", and that is definitely the colour it is. Furthermore, it's very pigmented so you honestly don't need to apply this liberally. With one swipe, you get the full complete colour :)

I hope you guys have liked this review and has maybe… made you want to buy one of them? :P
They are great lipsticks in their own ways, so do try them out for yourself and don't knock it because of the brand or price. You can find great makeup for a cheaper price :)

Thank you for reading! I have another lipstick post like this coming soon, of my favourite "Winter" lipsticks. As I have a growing collection of darker lip colours now, so I will have that posted sometime either this week or next!

~ xoxo


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  1. I want that Superdry "Electric Pink" lipstick! I doubt I can find that brand in Canada, but if I ever see it, I'll definitely grab one. Thanks so much for sharing this review!


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