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January Not So Favourites

Hey everyone :)

I've decided I'm going to be doing an additional monthly post, "(Insert month here) Not So Favourites". You probably can already guess what it's about! However for those of you who are scratching your heads and saying, "eh?". The Not So Favourites post is about five products that have not been great for me. They're either new products, or products that I've had lying about in my makeup collection for some time! 

So for this post, I'm not going to be saying how bad these products are and make you not buy them, I'm going to say why they didn't work for me. Also, I will mention how they could be improved :) After all, these products may work for others a lot better than they worked for me. This is simply my opinion and experience of using the product! :)

1) No7 Sheer Temptation lipstick - 05 Attract:
I bought this lipstick when I was given a cheeky £5 No7 voucher (thanks Boots!) and I had previously bought a lipstick from the Sheer Temptation range, and I loved it. It was a gorgeous hot pink shade, and because these lipsticks are sheer, it gave my lips a dewy and healthy appearance.
So I thought I would try another colour.
The colour I had purchased is called "Attract", and it's basically a neutral beige colour. It looks a little bit orangey on the stick - however it isn't like that once it's applied. I mean it's probably my own fault for purchasing it knowing that it is sheer. However, the pink lipstick I bought prior to this one, was more pigmented and I thought this lipstick would be the same.
This gave a slight beige colour pay off, but it wasn't as pigmented as I'd have liked it to be.
Needless to say, it kept my lips moisturised and looking dewy :)

2) Soap & Glory Arch de Triumph Eyebrow Pencil:
You guys know how much I love Soap & Glory products - I have so many of their makeup products and their skin care products. A lot of their beauty items I have been very satisfied with, and some I've had to repurchase multiple times (their lipsticks, and their eyeliner!)
However, this is the first product (of two others) that I haven't been so satisfied with.
This is a dual eyebrow pencil and highlighter - which at first I thought was very nifty. I love having my brow bone highlighted to make my eyebrows appear bold and nicely filled in. The highlight pencil side is quite nice. However, the actual brown pencil didn't draw onto my skin very well. It's one of those pencils which you really have to rub hard, multiple times over. 
Also, if you look at the tip of the pencil, you can see that mine didn't sharpen well! It just resembles a pencil thats been sharpened poorly with a knife haha.. I've tried other brow pencils and I'd prefer one that rubs onto the skin a bit easier - I'm not asking for an eyeliner - just something that is a bit easier to use.
However, I do like the idea of a dual ended brow pencil :)

As you can see, the lipstick does look and orangey beige - but on my lips and skin tone, it didn't look like I had much colour from the lipstick! 
The brow pencil I had to draw on my hand over and over in order to swatch it for you. The colour is great and definitely would've matched my brows, but it's a shame about the actual texture and consistency of the brow pencil.

3) Rimmel London Wake Me Up Instant Radiance Shimmer - 004 Shimmering Sand:
I was very intrigued to try this shimmer highlight after a brief trip to Boots last year - and I really liked this shade and thought it'd go well with my tanned skin.
My first impression of this product was that it's very thick and creamy, so "is it going to blend well?"
It works quite nicely if you dab it onto your face, rather than rub it in - especially if you have several layers of foundation/concealer on. If you dab on a little amount, you're able to build it up.
However, the main reason why I'm not too keen on this product is that it's very very very glittery. If you build up this cream, you're going to get quite a strong shimmery look - which can only look appropriate if you're going somewhere very glamorous! 

As you can see, the shade looks very lovely. I have to admit that I really like the shade, and it goes well with olive/tanned skin tones.

But you can see that it is very shimmery and glittery. I know it says it's a radiant shimmer cream, but it can be a bit 'too much' shimmer if you're wanting something that gives a healthy radiant glow.

4) Maybelline Instant Anti-Age 'The Eraser' Foundation:
Okay okay, first of all, that's not how it comes! It's meant to have a disco ball-like sponge on top, but I removed that because I thought it was a bit unhygienic to use the foundation over and over through the sponge - especially with my sensitive skin. I was so intrigued to try this foundation as I have heard many good reviews about the concealer - but when I purchased this foundation, the concealer wasn't available in the UK.

This is a very nice shade - and it's the kind of shade that I would normally go for (my arms are a little tanned STILL - I can't get rid of my summer tan!) but I generally go for a bit of a lighter foundation as I can use powder/bronzer to warm it up if it's a bit too light.
Judging from these photos, it looks like a thick and full coverage foundation - however it actually isn't.
It's a very very sheer foundation and I'd recommend it if you have literally no scarring or blemishes on your face as this doesn't really cover it well. I'm generally used to medium to high coverage foundations, and this is definitely not my kind of foundation.
Once you blend it out, you can still see scarring - but also the formula of it is a bit… I'm not sure how to describe it… Say if you have dry skin, and you apply a foundation and it turns out to sink around your dry areas and really accentuates them. This is what this foundation does to me. I have oily skin, but I have dry areas too (I know, my skin is weird!) and it accentuated my dry skin, whilst providing little coverage for my scarring.
This foundation could be improved by being a bit more thicker in coverage - after all, it is called the Eraser foundation, right? The shade is great though, which I was happy about :)

5) Salon System - Thai Skin Therapy Moisturiser:
Within the first month of moving out, I had completely finished my Organic Surge moisturiser - which I absolutely adored! 
But I had a few other moisturisers on my shelf that were ready to be used, including this moisturiser :) 
The reason why I chose to use it is because it's free of SLS and parabens - so things that aggravate and irritate the skin. So I thought that this product wouldn't do harm to my sensitive skin.
I'd first pumped out a splurge of the moisturiser and it smelled lovely! And I'd started to apply it, and I realised that it was quite thick. However my skin is half dry and half oily, so I thought that this moisturiser would moisturise the dry areas whilst keeping the oily areas controlled.
But I found that this was a very rich moisturiser and it didn't exactly break me out, but caused a few pimples to appear on my skin within a day or two. 

I hope you guys have liked this review, and do remember that this is my experience and opinion of these products. These products didn't work so well with me, but that doesn't mean that it won't work well for you! if you still want to try them out, do so, and I hope you have a better experience than I did :) 

Thank you for reading! 

~ xoxo


  1. It's a shame these were disappointing products, especially the Soap and Glory pencil as I like that brand.

    Kimberley x

  2. Interesting, I've never used them before.

    恵美より ♥


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