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January in photos

Hey everyone :)

I hope you guys are well! And wow, we're into February already… January has come and gone so quickly, and I fear that these next few months will do considering I'm going to be so busy with university work! But, I am trying to take more photographs to help 'capture' moments of my final months of being a student.
 So let's see what I got up to in January...

Okay this picture was taken around Christmas time - but this was the only time I spent with my little Nemo. By the way, I'm feeding her cheese here haha!
She's obsessed with cheese, and she actually has her paws on the cupboard because she was reaching up to snatch the piece of cheese from me.

This was taken in a random pizza/kebab shop on New Years Eve around 15 minutes before it hit midnight. I've never done anything that great for New Years Eve before, well.. anything that involved leaving the house. So this was a very nice change and I hope there are more to come! :)

Around the 4th or 5th of January, I went back to Leeds for a birthday meal - so I was literally travelling around Yorkshire for an entire week! 

Taken on the same day.. I'd basically got to Leeds an hour earlier than I was meant to meet up with my family, and luckily I had the American Psycho book with me - which I have not read since that day! (I will read it fully, soon!)
I love sitting in Starbucks and reading - it's a very peaceful atmosphere and the smell of coffee is so relaxing!

This was taken at the birthday meal.. We went to Spice Quarter - which specialises in mostly Indian food and there's a bit of Chinese and Thai food there. There isn't much to offer, compared to Red Hot Buffet - but it was still yummy! 

Me and my mummy :)

The next morning my mum made me a really nice breakfast! Much better than what I'm having usually - which is like a 'several hours late' tea and dinner! 

This was a practice draw up of my 'Rick Genest / Zombie Boy' transformation :)

These odd looking things are actually banana fritters drenched in syrup! They tasted so delicious! I think I was having a sweet tooth moment and I needed something to satisfy my cravings for something sweet. 

This was from the actual Rick Genest transformation :) It took around 8 hours to complete - and I literally spent the whole day on it. Yes, my whole day consisted of 8 awake hours.

A random photo I took of my outfit one day :) 
P.S: I had those shoes on for the photo, I don't usually walk around in heeled boots ;)

Before my previous deadline, I went back to Leeds to fetch a bit of artwork for my Personal Development Portfolio. It was a very quick day as I had to rush to Leeds and get back to Huddersfield in a few hours.
It's not that I had anything planned for the day, but I had to rush to get to Leeds as my sister was in a hurry! 
This was taken in the coldest place in Yorkshire - Leeds Train Station. If any of you are planning on getting a train there / getting off a train there… be prepared for COLD! 

These are two lipsticks from the Maybelline Colour Sensational line? I put a question mark there because I'm not entirely sure! 
The beige shade is a gorgeous nude colour (against my skin tone) and the pink is from America - my sister brought it back for me. It's a gorgeous vibrant pink - think Nicki Minaj.

This was taken on a random morning… and it was an early morning.
Funny thing was that I was taking these photos to stop me from falling asleep, and passing time because I needed to go to WHSmiths. Let me explain:
I somehow got into a really bad routine of falling asleep at 7am, and I'd sleep throughout the day and wake up at around 5pm. But this was during the week before I went back to University so I felt like I had nothing to really be awake so early for.
But to make sure I got out of this routine, I did an all nighter. I stayed up from 5pm until around 5pm the next day, and I slept like a baby

Another photo… I suppose I don't look that bad at 7am! 

This was a last minute presentation checklist for my PDP :)
I usually make lists because they make me feel more organised and more stressed… sadly.

This was from an early morning - where I actually slept :) I think it was on a Friday as I had a lecture. Or it could've been on a Monday morning, as I also have a lecture then. Hmmm!

Ahhh my room has never looked so warm and cosy before! I was doing some early morning reading - and this time I was reading 'The Bedwetter' by Sarah Silverman. I actually really like that book so far! As you can see, I kinda hop from book to book, as currently, I'm half way through this book and I've started reading 'Laid In Chelsea' by Ollie Locke. Ooops…

This was taken… erm… another random morning. I think? And I was fully awake and had enough time to get ready - hence why I have my lenses in :)

My recent book purchase! It's a very entertaining read so far :) 

'Inhibition' and 'Depth'… I'm loving these lipsticks! They're amazing!
I'm going to be reviewing these veryyyy soon :)

On Thursday I went back to Leeds for a meeting for one of my university projects… and I'm back at my favourite place in the train station :) 
P.S: I had to spell out my name for them to get it right. They usually write 'Ruby' or 'Ronnie' otherwise.

So last month (around the 20th), I got my conch pierced. Basically the piece of metal that's going through the inner bit of my ear. It's been over a month now and I don't think it's fully healed. However, I'm LOVING how it looks! Initially I wanted a ring put through it rather than a bar - but I'm really liking how a bar looks. 
I'll probably get a ring put through it after a few more months and once it's fully healed :)

I hope you guys like this post and my reflection on these random moments :)

~ xoxo

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  1. Hi Ravi? Do you know what the nude shade of the colour sensational lipstick is called? I purchased one recently from the same line but its a shimmery nude and I want a matte one. Thanks


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