Sunday, 9 February 2014

Inspire Me Sunday - Neutrals

Hey everyone :)

Sunday is one of those days where you're sometimes dreading the next morning - ugh, Monday mornings aren't the best things in the world. So I've decided to post inspiring photos on Sunday. Think of it like a 'pick me up'. These inspiration posts will contain different things each week. Sometimes profound quotes, beautiful makeup and also stylish fashion pieces too ;)  I saw a pair of shoes in a magazine today and I was like "Maaaaan! I want these, they're so damn beautiful". You know when you see something (or someone, wink wink) and it literally takes your breath away.  Yeah, I got this with these shoes! But… I'll save that for another post ;)

Today's Inspire Me Sunday post is a collection of amazing eye makeup looks using neutral colours - and some of these are quite dramatic whereas others are a little more subtle. Nonetheless, they're absolutely beautiful eye makeup looks! I'm hoping to experiment more with my existing eyeshadows that are collecting dust at the minute, and I'll be able to recreate one or two of these looks. If I can make my eyes look at least half as stunning as these makeup looks - I'll be happy. Haha!

Most of these images have their Twitter/IG Username watermark on them so you can find more looks by the artists. However, the ones with no watermark, you can find them on Vegas_Nay's Instagram page. She has TONS of makeup looks on there, and they're absolutely stunning! 

I hope these eye makeup looks have inspired you and perhaps motivated you to experiment with your eyeshadows! :)

~ xoxo

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