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Friday Favourite - Statement Necklaces

Hey everyone :)

You may be wondering why I have decided to bring back this weekly addition back to my blog. It's because I guess, it gives my blog a little bit more structure and as I have tons of things to blog about; this will keep everything under control! So you lovely readers can look forward to posts including "Skincare Saturday" and "Wise Words Wednesday". I hope you're all looking forward to these posts!

Onto today's post:

Being raised in an Indian household, I have been exposed to elegant chunky necklaces and chandelier glitzy earrings. Yet, I suppose they didn't really tickle my fancy until last year, where I decided to purchase some bold chunky statement necklaces. These pieces aren't exactly 'Indian themed' - as I find that they can be a bit too OTT - whereas these necklaces can be worn to a lunch or dinner, a trip to town or on a glam night out.

Here are my most prized statement necklaces… don't they look so pretty?

What if I told you I bought these necklaces for £5 or less. Yes, that's right! eBay… (and Primark for the necklace on the right)

Black & Brown Lace Row piece:
I bought this piece during the summer of '13 from eBay, after searching websites like New Look and Topshop for statement pieces. I guess it was the fact that I was a poor student who was looking to stretch my few quid on something that looked amazing. This is a beautiful necklace as it has black, brown and beige lace that looks amazing with the gold chain.
I remember going into New Look when I moved to Huddersfield for University in September, only to see that this necklace was being sold there! However the piece I saw was silver with a navy blue lace.
I've only worn this on a night out, but I can imagine wearing it for to a formal dinner. 

Lion Head Medallion piece:
This piece is also from eBay! I was so excited to find this online at a very cheap price as I had seen similar pieces in magazines, where it had been paired up with a vest top and a blazer and jeans. I think this is a great necklace to jazz up any casual outfit, without it looking like it's 'too much'. 

Indian Style Rhinestone Matha Patti piece:
This actually isn't a necklace, it's a head piece. But I just really love the look of it! I bought this from eBay too - for around £10 - which is an amazing price because if you were to buy this from any Indian accessory shop, you're looking at around £25+. 
This is a lovely, elegant eye catching piece also has matching earrings too - although you will have to purchase these separately - which look amazing when worn!

Aztec Cut Out piece:
I recently purchased this from Primark - you all know how Primark is like a students BFF - for £4. If you've read my previous posts, you will know that I created a 'wish list' post where I featured a bold necklace similar to this. That necklace was from New Look, and a tad bit more pricey than this one. However, I preferred the design on this necklace and I've been wearing it quite a lot recently. It's the kind of necklace I can wear with a t-shirt and jeans - which I have been doing so. It's such a simple necklace, yet it looks very bold :)

Jade Tear Drop piece:
This is a purchase from eBay too - and I have to admit that I haven't worn this necklace as much as the previous necklace. But I love the design of this. It makes a change from the other chunky pieces I have, and this can be worn to an lunch date, an elegant dinner. It looks lovely with a 'V-neck' top/blouse and it doesn't look too overpowering either. I love the Jade coloured tear drop stone in the middle, and it's not the kind of colour that is a hit or miss. You know, when you're struggling to piece together an outfit and the accessories can sometimes make it off balance because of the colours. Yeah, you won't get that with this! :) It's a neutral colour, so you can wear it with most colours - mostly neutral colours though :)

I hope you guys liked this post, and do check out eBay because there are some amazing jewellery pieces on there and not to mention clothes too! :)

~ xoxo

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