Saturday, 8 February 2014

Dying My Hair Cerise

Hey everyone :)

This is a very very veryyy late post considering I dyed my hair 'Cerise' back in October. Yeah I know, it's so last year.
But nonetheless, I still wanted to blog about it! If you've been reading my blog for the past year or so, you will know that I am addicted to colouring my hair different and vibrant colours! I found my favourite hair dye brand - La Riche Directions - and I absolutely love their hair colours. 
This time, I decided to colour my hair 'Cerise' - which is a gorgeous deep, rich, dark pink. 

I know some people look at the size of the tub and underestimate it's colouring ability, as one tub is enough to colour my entire head of hair. 
This dye is super rich in colour and it has a neutral scent - so you don't have to worry about your eyes watering from nasty bleaching chemicals. As La Riche Directions don't have any hair damaging chemicals in their dyes, you are able to leave this dye in for however long you want. Which is super important! As I know people who have tried this dye and they said it didn't show up on their hair despite leaving it in for the 'recommended' time. 
If you want a rich and lasting vibrant colour, leave this colour in for at least an hour! 
I left the dye in my hair for around 3 hours, which made my dark hair really pick up the colour - which is really surprising as Asian hair is generally the worst to colour.

My hair turned out like this! :D Which I was very happy with. The ends of my hair picked up the colour well, as they have been dyed previously with bleach and what not. The top of my head also picked up the colour, but it wasn't as intense as the ends :)

Mummy and I :)

This was taken in the sunlight! You can see how vibrant and intense the colour is - I absolutely loved it!!!

So after around 3 weeks, the hair dye started to fade - however it faded to a reddish shade:

It was still intense but the actual 'pinkish' colour had faded :( I've noticed that the shades Cerise and Dark Tulip - the ones I've tried - fade to more of a reddish shade, and then continue fading to a light brown and then back to my original hair colour.

This was during the stage where even the red was fading - however my mum and aunt really liked this colour! Haha!
It was a visible burgundy reddish shade which I suppose did look nice, however I prefer the gorgeous pinkish/purple colour :)

I hope you guys have liked this mini review and photos! I will be dying my hair Tulip (not Dark Tulip) next, so within the next month, I shall have a review up :)

~ xoxo


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  1. So for a pink/purple color it's better to use cerise, tulip or dark tulip??? Love your hair by The Way :))


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