Monday, 17 February 2014

A Miracle In A Pot - Boots Botanics Super Balm

Hey everyone :)

It is no mystery that I've had problems in the past with my skin. Acne, dry patches, uneven skin tone. I remember I started getting breakouts when I turned 13, and these breakouts weren't as bad as those I've had within recent years. But, it was a headache to deal with.
However, around the middle of last year (around May/June), I decided to go down the route of organic skincare. So I purchased a variety of certified organic products (most from Organic Surge) and for the year prior to this change, I cut out dairy. In case you didn't know, dairy is a source of breakouts and acne!

With this change of skincare and going down this natural route, I found that my skin was less angry, and I didn't get as many face demons other than around the time of the month. Which is inevitable. 
One thing that I have recently introduced into my skincare is facial oils and balms. 
I know you might be thinking, "Why are you using oils and moisturising balms on your face when you're already oily".
Well, there's a difference between dry skin and dehydrated skin. I know my skin is oily, but I still need to look after it and apply oils to keep it hydrated - as I find that on days when I don't use facial oils, my skin looks dull and I end up with a spot or two. 
Along with my favourite facial oil - Caudalie Divine Oil (which retails at around £27 for the 100ml bottle), I use the Boots Botanics 93% Organic Super Balm. Which is a great alternative to a moisturiser - which IMO, doesn't really work for me. 

I've gone from moisturiser to moisturiser, and I've found that… yeah sure it moisturises, but my skin still looks the same. Whereas when I apply this Super Balm, I wake up with glowing, baby soft skin and my acne scarring look less visible.

Wait, I think I'm getting ahead of myself here! This Super Balm retails for around £5 in Boots - which is definitely worth it! It contains Rosehip Oil - which is great for your skin :) It's a very rich and moisturising balm - and a small dab of it can go a very long way! However, this doesn't stop me from applying it liberally all over my face. It has a pleasant scent which isn't too bad, and this does appear very very oily! Don't say I didn't warn you! However, the oiliness goes as the balm is absorbed by the skin, and your face is left feeling very supple and hydrated!

Whilst this is a small tub, this product is one of those where you need a little amount. So don't worry about it finishing very quickly! I know a lot of people use this balm on very dry areas like chapped lips or on their elbows - so acne is the least expected place to apply this balm! 
But, I wanted to control the amount of oil that is produced by my skin, so using a rich and moisturising balm like this has definitely done the trick! 

Despite still having scarring, I don't have any red patches that I used to have. Also, my skin has more of a 'blurred' appearance. No, this photo hasn't been edited at all. It's due to keeping my skin moisturised and hydrated using balms and oils.

I've been using this balm for around 3 to 4 weeks now, and I have noticed a dramatic improvement in my skin! Before going to sleep, I applied this literally all over my face and even on breakouts! When I woke up, the redness had faded and breakouts appeared less angry and raised. Also, it has worked amazingly well on fading my acne scarring. I've been getting a lot of compliments on my skin from family and also my boyfriend :) 

I know this is a different direction to conquer acne as the conventional method is to use ingredients like benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid - which to be honest, didn't really work for me as my acne just came back. If you are suffering with acne or breakouts, don't just reach for a topical lotion that contains a ton of harsh ingredients. Try an organic product instead - as organic products are all natural and you won't feel bad using harsh ingredients on your face :)

I shall be writing up more posts to do with skin care and acne - how to deal with it and methods I've tried. So you can look forward to those posts! Thank you for reading! 

~ xoxo

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