Sunday, 16 February 2014

#100HappyDays & This Weekend

Hey everyone :)

I hope you guys have had, firstly, a great Valentines Day and a great weekend! Mine has been amazing, and also a bit of a blur as it was uber exciting and hectic all at the same time.

Ryan and I spent our first (of many) Valentines Day together - where we ended up ordering in a Chinese takeaway and watched EastEnders (more like, I forced him to endure half an hour of watching it) and also Leon: The Professional. He's been recommending me a ton of movies to watch including The Godfather and… erm… Lots more like that haha. This movie was really awesome though, completely action packed and gripping!
He bought me a few gifts, which I wasn't expecting at all. We hadn't talked about gifts or anything so this was really nice :)

On Saturday I travelled back up to Leeds to work on my practical project with FM Cosmetics! For this video shoot, we created three video tutorials demonstrating how to create certain looks using only FM Cosmetics. I'm going to edit and upload the videos soon and I shall upload them on here for you guys to see! Also, I will have a few links to share with you guys on here too, so this won't be the last that you ail hear about my practical project! :)

We went to Nandos… and the Lemon & Herb sauce is EPIC. I love that sauce on everything, it makes food tastier than it already is :P



A friend of mine, Shelly, has been posting photos with this hashtag everyday for the past erm, month? And I was really intrigued to know what this hashtag was about. 
It's basically posting a photograph of something that has made you happy whether it's a certain dish, a song, a photo of you with someone etc. It's basically having some sort of gratitude and being happy about something that is very simple - and most people do overlook the simple delights in life.

According to the website, it says:
People successfully completing the challenge claimed to:
 - Start noticing what makes them happy every day;
 - Be in a better mood every day;
 - Start receiving more compliments from other people;
 - Realize how lucky they are to have the life they have;
 - Become more optimistic;
 - Fall in love during the challenge.

Do check out the website and try out this challenge! :) I know it's one of those things that will start to change your life slowly, and whilst it isn't an immediate change, it's an inevitable change. If you do it, you'll be feeling great in the long run :)
I've not done this challenge before, but I have done things similar. I really love the concept of this and I am going to give it a try! 

So I've decided that I will be posting a weekly roundup of #100HappyDays pictures which I have shared through my Instagram (do follow if you're not already!)

So my first #100HappyDays picture is this cute and adorable hot water bottle that was part of my Valentines Day gift. I'd basically just got back to Huddersfield and my flat was absolutely freezing! I made a brew and decided to fill up this hot water bottle and give it a good cuddle. It's small, it's soft, it's cute!

Do try out this challenge with me and if you do, leave your Instagram/Twitter username so you can share your happy posts with me :)

~ xoxo

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  1. So sweeeeeet ^^

    I love nandos ^^

    恵美より ♥


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