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Superdry Highlight, Bronzer and Lipstick Review

Hey everyone :)

Today I am bringing you a review on three products I should've reviewed before, but ah well! It's better  now than never eh?
For those of you who are unaware of Superdry's beauty collection, they have brought out beauty items including makeup, makeup tools and bags, and also nail polishes. They are available in stores, and have been for many months now. However I came across them during the summer of 2013 when I went in store to check out some clothes.

I was very surprised that they had brought out a cosmetics line, and I was very intrigued to find out the quality of their products. In store they have products out that you can test, and the first one I picked up was the highlighter. I really liked the appearance of it, and I tested it on the back of my hand and I really thought it looked nice. It wasn't too shimmery, and it seemed to have blended in well. However, I thought that I didn't really need the product, and I decided to leave it for a month or two when I had money to splurge! I also tried out the bronzer, which I thought was a very pretty colour and was tan enough for my skin tone :)

So a week or two passed by, and it was of course, my birthday (July 24th, write it down!) and I had received money. Now, I had been thinking about the Superdry products a bit more, and I really wanted to buy them. 
Side note: I went to London the week before my birthday, and I had bought the highlighter from Superdry in Windsor… I couldn't resist the urge to buy it!
But as my birthday rolled by, I bought the bronzer, and also one of the lipsticks online.

Bronzer - Terracotta Colour
Highlighter - Pearled Pink Colour
Lipstick - Electric Pink Colour 

The highlighter comes in a little jar, much like a nail polish along with the brush. And I really like how there is the Superdry logo on the jar :)
My first impression of this highlighter once I had opened it, was that it looks very thick and pigmented. And it definitely is.
Whilst it is pigmented - you don't need a lot as a little dab goes a long way! - it's not too thick that it will cake up or make your face look streaky.

It's a very light pearly pink shade, and once you apply it and blend it out, it gives a very bright and highlighted appearance.

I generally use this on my nose bridge, cupids bow, cheek bones, and brow bone to give a full high lighted look!

Why I like this highlighter:
I can wear this when I have a full face of makeup - and I'm talking a lot of concealer, foundation, powder and bronzer etc! It definitely completes my makeup!
It blends very well into the face.
When the light hits your face, it catches the highlight and that is when you can see that you have it on.
It's not shimmery, it's not glittery. It's a very nice radiant highlight.

I really like how it comes in this packaging. I know some people have considered it to look like it's not a beauty product. However, this is the signature style of Superdry and I'm happy that their products are in this way. It's a great way of identifying their products, and you definitely won't be able to get confused between this product and another.

When I purchased this lipstick, I was in two minds as I really liked the red lipstick that they sell too! However, I don't have a bright pink lipstick like this, so I bought this one!
When I looked at the photographs and I read the shade "Electric Pink", I didn't think it'd be that vibrant.
However, this lipstick is super rich, pigmented, vibrant and creamy! Basically, all the things you'd want in a bright pink lipstick!

I really like the crosshatch work on the lipstick! I know a lot of lipsticks have their logo branded into the lipstick bullet, however I like this too.

As you can see, this lipstick is very pigmented. It's a beautiful bold hot pink colour that many girls like! It's perfect with a simple and neutral eye makeup look. It's great when you dab it onto the lips for a tint, rather than applying it fully.
It's definitely the type of lipstick you can either dress up or dress down, and you can wear it for many different occasions!
Another reason I like this lipstick, is because I think that it will match many (if not all) skin tones. I sometimes have a problem where I wear a lipstick and it washes my skin tone out, and I look pretty pale.. or it's just the fact that the lipstick isn't 'working' for me.
Yet despite this lipstick being very bright, it suits me very well! And I'm sure it will suit many others out there, regardless of their skin tones!

Why I like this lipstick:
It's very pigmented, bold, rich and creamy!
A little goes a long way - depending on the lipstick look you're going for.
There is a lot of product, I am very impressed with the size of the bullet. I have been using it for almost 6 months now, and I still have tons left.
It suits my skin tone

When it comes to bronzers, I sometimes have a hard time finding one that actually matches me well. Obviously, I have naturally tanned skin but I am quite pale, and some bronzers make me look orange rather than bronzed.
Brown girl problems.

When I saw this bronzer, I was intrigued to see if it would match me, and I did a quick swatch in the shop. I noticed that it was more of a golden brown, rather than orange like how most bronzers are. This is in the shade Terracotta colour :0

This bronzer too has the crosshatch work on it, which looks quite cute. This bronzer also comes with a mirror too, which is very handy for those who are on the go. You can slip this into your handbag or purse without worrying about bringing another compact or mirror :)

As you can see, it has a velvet sort of appearance, and it looks radiant and warm, without looking too orange. And it also has tiny glitter specks in there, which is lovely for that sun kissed look.

As you can see with this bronzer, it is darker than me - which is great for starters! It doesn't make me look washed out, and it doesn't make me look orange or too tan. Obviously with this swatch, I wanted to show you how pigmented and rich it is. I use this bronzer on my cheek bones, on my forehead and temples and a little bit on my chin too. If I'm going for a sin kissed look, then I'll brush a little bit on the bridge of my nose too and dust it along the centre of my face too.

Why I like this bronzer:
It's a lovely shade of golden brown which looks very natural on my skin.
It doesn't have too much shimmer or glitter - which can look a bit too much depending on the time of day and occasion.
It comes with a little mirror, and a band around it too with 'Superdry' on it. I don't know why, I quite like that!
It's buildable too, so you can use as much as you want to create as much or little definition as you'd like!

So far, I am very impressed with Superdry products. Sometimes when clothing brands come out with makeup collections, the quality of the makeup isn't as great as the clothing - despite the cost of it.
Whereas Superdry makeup is a little on the pricey side, yet the quality is definitely there. 
You can tell that a great deal of effort went into the quality of the products, the design, and making sure the makeup lives up to the quality of their clothing too! 
I am looking forward to seeing what else Superdry bring out - if they do expand their lipstick shades or bring in blushers or foundation etc! 

I hope you guys like this review, and I am sorry that it is well overdue! 

~ xoxo

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  1. That lipstick is beautiful! Gonna have to go and check out the range :)


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