Monday, 6 January 2014

Rick Genest Inspired Skeleton / Zombie Transformation

Hey everyone :)

I decided to put my creativity to good use today and I filmed a transformation tutorial inspired by Rick Genest a.k.a Zombie Boy a.k.a "The dude from the 'Born This Way' video". I've done the skull face look three times now - I literally know the design off by heart! It's a cool look to do, and I recommend everyone to try it. I know this is more of a Halloween look, but I just wanted to do this transformation :)

In the past I've done a half face and a full face look. But this time I wanted to take it further and draw up the neck and arms (well… arm). I wanted to do both arms but I'm not ambidextrous! I tried it the night before and it came out quite sloppy and I was slower too. So I decided to leave it to the one arm :)

I think the hardest part about drawing on veins and other pictures on me were coming up with ideas. On Rick Genest, he has like skulls, crosses and I think it's like a graveyard. But I decided to do a mehndi pattern - just because it reflected me… and also because it was a great way to fill up space haha! After all, this is inspired by him, not a perfect imitation. Also, the areas that are: directly under the chin, the elbow and sides of the neck were quite difficult to draw on perfectly.

Overall, it took me around 6/7 hours to complete this look :) And I got through three movies too haha! It was quite fun, especially because I've not spent a large amount of time on artwork lately… well I say lately. But the last time I spent over 5 hours on art work was during college and my gap year when I was doing speed drawings haha! But it was time well spent and I'm really happy with the outcome of this look :)

If you guys want to create this look, you will mainly need a lot of black eye liner (preferably two: felt tip liner for lines and precision; pencil for blending and creating a more surreal and 3D appearance). You're also going to need black eyeshadow, to fill in the gaps and to also blur out harsh lines. Eyeshadow is also great to create shadow (e.g around 'tattoo' pictures), just to make it stand out and look more real).
It takes a lot of patience too, so give it time when you're doing this. (Leave yourself at least two hours if you're just drawing up the face). And don't be afraid to really pack on the black eyeshadow, because the darker the better

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Thank you for reading / watching! 

~ xoxo

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