Saturday, 25 January 2014

New Design & Nails

Hey everyone :)

I decided I want to renovate the design of this blog to something that will be more eye catching, edgy whilst being quite simplistic. I guess with the new year and everything, I wanted a more fresher look for the blog. I mean it wasn't long ago when I created my old blog header, yet I felt like it wasn't striking enough. 
I hope you guys like this new layout… I am still working on freshening up some of the other pages too,  as they have not been updated for several months. How appalling.
Also, I think with my old blog header, it gave my blog a certain 'feel' to it, and I didn't really like that 'feel'. So many feels up in here. I'm joking. To be honest, it made me not want to blog as much because I just felt like I opened up my blog and I saw something I wasn't too happy with.
However, now I am a lot more happier with the appearance of my blog and hopefully after the other changes I am going to make, I'll be super happy with it!

Onto the next topic. 
Being the very poor student that I am, I wanted nail polish.. Is that a weird statement? That doesn't really make sense does it? Okay, let me start again.
As I am a very poor student, I find it hard to spend money on things that aren't.. well… food or toilet roll. But, for some reason several months ago, I really wanted brown nail polish..?

Yeah, I don't think this is writing very well, and I'm laughing at this. Is it because of nail fumes? Is it because I've not had tea in what feels like weeks

Right. Brown nail polish:

Yes, those are my real nails.
How long have they taken to grow, you say? Let's just say.. since before Christmas.
Yes, I can't really fasten buttons.
No, they're not a pain when it comes to typing. I can still type fine. You're reading this, right!?

The above photo shows the nail polish looking rather dark, and I guess it's probably the bad lighting in my room. Note to self, find better lighting.

The below photo is with flash :)

Right, so you're probably wondering: "Why is this nail polish so spectacular Ravi?!"
Well, my dear reader, this nail polish was only £1. 
Yes. I told you I don't pay out for things other than food or toiletries, so when I saw this for £1, I got it.
It's Laval Nail Polish in the shade 'Mud'.
I don't know why, but brown nail polish is nice during the winter. Well, any dark colour. And I guess I was sick of wearing the same pink shade nail polish from August.

I really like this shade, yet, for £1 it's good enough. It's good enough because it does the job. It applies well, there are no bumps - even with three layers. It dries quickly. 
However, it doesn't last that long. With three layers, you're looking to have at least 2 days before chippage.
Hey look at that, I made up my own word!
I hereby claim that as my word that describes nails getting.. chipped. Nothing to do with chips. And now I want chips.

In case you're wondering where I got this bad boy from, it's from LOOK in Huddersfield. However if you do not have a shop like this close to you, then have a look in Extras or Claires Accessories :)

Below photo: The nail polish in natural light. For some reason the sun god was very nice to me today, and the sun came out whilst I was taking this photograph and some others. And then 10 minutes later when I was busy watching Lovelace, there was a thunderstorm.
Nice one sun god.

To end this post, a very beautiful picture I took of the sky at around 8am. No, I'm not calling it beautiful because I took it. Or am I?

Thanks for reading guys! :) And let me know what you think about the new design? :)

~ xoxo

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  1. I've never considered brown nail varnish but it does look very cute, like chocolate...This colour is not too dark.
    New design is charming ^^

    恵美より ♥


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