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My Top 10 Products of 2013

Hey everyone :)

Hey everyone! I know, I know, I know I'm late with making this video.. It's a few days into January 2014 and this video should've been made and uploaded ages ago! But, I've been busy!
Anyway, onto my Top 10 favourite products of 2013.

Of course, I made a video review too!
Scroll down to read the written reviews :)

Soap & Glory - Fabulips lipstick
I've been loving these lipsticks for over a year now - there are multiple reasons why I love them! They're pigmented, they are loaded with a few different ingredients including a 3D Plump Peptide Complex, Vitamin E and Shea Butter. They feel really moisturising on the lips, even if you've been wearing it for several hours. You know how some lipsticks make your lips feel and look chapped - this one doesn't! It lasts long on the lips, it's moisturising, the shades are really lovely! My two favourite shades are Naked Beige and Red My Lips… I know they can look a bit dark when you apply them at first, but they look very natural and neutral. I am wearing the Red My Lips shade right now, and it's my go to everyday lipstick :) I wear it on a daily basis, like around uni, when I go to birthday meals ermm… Christmas! They're really awesome and I highly recommend them! 

EX-1 Invisiwear Foundation
So I was given this foundation by my sister, because at the time I was wearing the MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation and I realised that it wasn't doing any favours for my skin. My skin became a lot more sensitive and dry, and well… it was just a bit crap! Anyway she'd been really loving the EX-1 foundations and recommended that I'd try it too. I was given the shade f200 and I can say that this shade has really matched my skin tone well! It's mineral based too, so I noticed that my skin wasn't breaking out when I wore it, and my skin type went back to normal :) I've actually gone through this foundation quite quick to be honest - but I just really love it!

Superdry Liquid Highlighter
During the summer of 2013, I went to a Superdry store just to check out their clothes and whatnot. I then discovered that they released a makeup collection - well, I knew they had nail varnishes but things like bronzers and lipsticks - I had no idea! And at this time I was getting more into contouring, so like bronzers and highlighters. Now I know this isn't too much of a dramatic highlighter, but it's so pretty! I don't really have anything to compare it to as this is the first liquid highlighter that I have purchased! It comes in a case like this, and a glass bottle with a screw on top - where there is a little brush. This looks really nice - it's not glittery or leaves a shimmery appearance. It gives that sort of iridescent pearl shine to wherever you apply it :) it blends in really nicely too!

Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palettes 
I got given these when my sister went to New York and Las Vegas. She'd owned a few palettes prior to when she went, and she highly recommended them to loads of people. So I was really happy when she bought me some. I think it's so cute how they have like "Base" "Browbone" "Crease" written on them :) The main thing I really like about these palettes it that they're so pigmented! Especially the darker colours. For example, this dark brown is very very pigmented, and I sometimes use it to fill in my eyebrows when I don't have my HD Brow palette around. I know you can get trio palettes from Wet n Wild, and whichever one you can get - just GET IT :) They're really nice eyeshadows to have and I'm assuming in America they're not that expensive.

Benefit Erase Paste 
When I was really getting into full coverage makeup, I learned about how to counteract discolouration by using warm and cool toned concealers. I'm not sure how this fits in with the Erase Paste concealer, but this also was given to me from my sister. She said she'd used this before but I'm not sure if she liked it. But I absolutely love this concealer, it covers very very very well! So I tend to apply this before my foundation - just to cover up the areas that need coverage - and then I go over any problem areas that are still showing my acne scaring (or even my under eyes) with another concealer - so my Glamoflauge concealer. And it gives that full coverage appearance! :)

Hard Candy - Fox In A Box - Shade: Spicy and Sweet 
My sister bought me this from America and I literally wrote out a list of products I wanted her to bring back for me, and this was one! I really like how there are four little blush shades so I can choose whichever shade I want to go with my makeup. So on most days, I only use the brown and orange shade, because it gives a nice warm glow and it gives a really nice glow :) But if I'm wearing say, minimal eye makeup and a rosy pink lip, I end up using more of the pink blush. There are times when I use all four shades but that is when I'm doing a more dramatic makeup look.

Kat Von D Lock-It Tattoo Concealer 
This was also a product from America, and I know I wanted the Kat Von D foundation as well. But my sister said the shades were a bit risky and it was safer to bring back the concealer as she found a closer match for me. So the shade I have is medium tan, and it matches me very well! I love this concealer as it offers amazing full coverage whilst not looking too cakey, it doesn't accentuate dryness - which is often a problem for me because my under eyes can look quite dry. So this concealer is great for covering up my dark circles and acne scarring, and it doesn't break me out either! It's very long lasting too and a little does go a long way! Obviously this is an expensive product and it is quite hard to get your hands on if you don't live in America or have access to a Sephora. So I do recommend the Hard Glamoflauge tattoo concealer, as it does the same thing except it's a bit thicker :)

Superdry Bronzer - Terracotta Colour 
Along with the Liquid Highlighter, I bought the Superdry Bronzer - just to test it out. I really like this bronzer as it's quite matte. So I can apply quite a bit of this on without my face looking shimmery or sparkly! This bronzer is different to other bronzers that I have, as this doesn't look orangey. I know I'm already brown, and finding a bronzer that looks decent on my skin tone is a little bit hard because I prefer a natural sort of bronzed look. I also really like the packaging of Superdry products too. This is what the lipstick looks like :)

NARS Sheer Glow Foundation 
This has to be the most expensive purchase I've ever made, and I'm very glad I've had the opportunity to actually try this product. I came across this foundation after watching Zoella's makeup routine, and I thought that it looked amazing! It looked thick coverage without it looking too cakey, and the variety of shades look like they can match a wide variety of skin tones. So I hit up Selfridges online and I looked at the foundations. And obviously, I had no idea which foundation would suit me and it was quite a gamble considering how expensive the foundation is. So I had to Google shades of Sheer Glow that matched NC30. And I thought that it would be an easy match, except that there were a number of shades that matched NC30 and some were warm toned and some were cool toned. I ended up taking a gamble and purchasing the shade Punjab, and it is the best decision I have ever made! I know this foundation is definitely expensive, but you are definitely paying for the quality of it. It's perfect for oil skin, it's full coverage and it doesn't make you look cakey AT ALL. Honestly, it looks like your own skin and blends in really well. I know it's called Sheer Glow, but it's definitely not sheer at all. It offers great overage and dries matte too - which is great for my oily skin!

ELF - Little Black Beauty Book - Warm Edition
 I bought this online during the summer and I think this is the warm palette. I thought it was very cute and quite inexpensive too. There are a lot of shades on offer here, and most of them are great for everyday use as there are browns, golds, beiges… And they're great for people with tanned skin, olive tones… There are a lot of shades to work with :) Oh, also, the shades are very pigmented! If you've never tried anything by ELF, I recommend this and their blusher bronzer duo as it's like a dupe for NARS.

So these are my top 10 favourite products of 2013, and I'm sorry this blog post and video is quite late but, oh well1! I hope you have enjoyed this video and my mini reviews! 

~ xoxo

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