Tuesday, 28 January 2014

January Favourites

Hey everyone :)

MUA - Undress Me Too Palette
I've had this palette since around summer, I think. Or maybe just before that. But I have been using it a lot more lately, and there is this one shade in particular that I love! And it's a shade I wear on most days. In case you guys didn't know, this is a much cheaper dupe of the Naked 2 palette by Urban Decay - so if you guys are a bit skint and you want a nice set of eyeshadows, definitely check out the MUA palettes! In case you're wondering, the shade I'm talking about is a dupe of "snakebite"… it's a really earthy brownish gold colour. It looks really lovely :)

Maybelline FIT Me Powder
Now to be honest, I didn't really expect much from this powder - well… it's probably because I was searching for a powder to just mattify my face after I've applied my foundation and concealer. But this is a really awesome powder, not only is it a really good match for my skin tone, but whenever I'm doing a full coverage makeup routine where I use a lot of concealer, this powder really does hold it all in place! Usually I get lines under my eyes where it creases and there is a small buildup of concealer - and this powder stops that from happening as it completely sets the concealer :) And this is in the shade 220 - in case you're wondering! :)

Beauty Forever Lipliner & CK Lipstick - Rose Rush
So the next two products I use together, but I just really like them! The first one is this lip pencil by Beauty Forever. I bought this at an Afro Caribbean shop where they sell hair pieces and a lot of Sleek makeup, and also tons of products for afro hair. I originally went into the shop for a hair colour and I saw this, and it was £1 or something and I really liked the colour of it! So I went home and I tried it, and originally I was a bit lighter than what I'd hoped. I thought it'd be a bit darker but in natural light, it looks like a sort of deep maroon colour. But I end up applying this lipliner, and then I go over it with my final favourite of January, which is this lipstick. 

It says Calvin Klein on it, but I'm sure it's a knock off product because I bought it online from fragrance direct. If you don't know what fragrance direct is, it's basically a website where you can buy cheaper makeup - and most of the time, it's makeup that isn't very popular so you will find some odd shades on there! But anyway, I found this lipstick and I ordered it - this was in July - and I thought it looked so pretty! It's called Rose Rush, and it's a Rose colour. It's very pigmented, and one of my favourite lipsticks of… well forever! So yeah, I apply the lip liner, and then I go over it with this lipstick to make it more on the reddish pink side rather than the brown side. I have been wearing this combo for a while, and it definitely fit's in with the winter 'dark lip' trend.

Soap & Glory SUPERCAT Eyeliner
The was actually given to my mum from my sister, but my mum didn't really use it and I was a bit cheeky and asked her if I can have it instead! I really love this eyeliner because a) it's very easy to use b) you can create thick and thin lines c) it does't go dry very easily! I had my old one of these for several months, I think it was coming to nearly a year and a half. I know thats a bit gross that I've had it that long, but honestly this is the best felt tip liner I've tried. I've tried other ones by like Maybelline and 17, and this is definitely amazing. I know my sister doesn't really like felt tip liners, and she prefers gel liners because she can work with them a lot better - but I work better with felt tip liners!
So those are my January favourites and I hope you liked this video. So tell me, which products have you been liking this month?

I hope you guys like this post and the video too! 

Which products have you been liking this month?

~ xoxo

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