Friday, 31 January 2014

Inspire me January..

Hey everyone :)

I've been feeling under the weather lately - I guess it is the weather to blame! This horrible cold wind and rain is one of the reasons I dislike leaving my warm room. Plus, England would be a much happier place if it was warmer and brighter, and sunny of course. Don't you think so?

To stop me feeling down in the dumps, I've been looking at pictures of fashion, makeup and beauty in general. I suppose looking at things beauty related really satisfy me in a way that nothing else can… That sounds odd. It's like shopping.. I'm sure you've all had those days where buying something can instantly pick you up. Or maybe that's just me...
So this 'satisfaction' is actually inspiration, and it's inspired me a lot! 

Here are some photos I found, and I hope it inspires all you fashion and beauty lovers out there!

Huda Kattan 
If you have no idea who she is, then look her up asap! She's so stunning!!! 

I absolutely love the look of this blazer! 

I have yet to purchase something that is Chanel. And one day I will have a Chanel collection like this! 
Along with some more NARS products to give my Sheer Glow foundation some company ;)

You guys know I have been loving chunky jewellery pieces lately.. This is total arm candy right here! 

I don't know what it is about these nails, but they're just so stunning! I know they're a bit long, but I love my long nails. Plus, I love this cranberry red shade!

I would actually kill to have a pair of Huda Beauty lashes! 

In a year or two, I want to have a 'higher end' makeup collection like this haha! I don't know what it is about luxurious brands like these, that make you feel so glamorous. 
However I think my collection will be more full of NARS products - which I will probably just stare at because they look amazing! 

Absolutely love spike studded shoes! 

More makeup… of course ;)

I'm really in love with this makeup look, and the contact lenses too! Makes me want to get some grey lenses :)

Stiletto nails and midi rings = perfect!

Onto more of the makeup looks…

Claudia Lynx.. She is so so so stunning!!! She makes me wish I still had my long hair! 

And Sirusho makes me want to have lighter hair! 
I am considering dying my hair a lighter brown… well… lighter than it is at the moment :)

I hope you guys liked this posts and it has (maybe) inspired you! 

~ xoxo

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