Friday, 3 January 2014

Home is what you make it.

Here's a little something to think about:
Where are you from?

Where is home for you?

Around four months ago, I was petrified about moving out for my final year. In fact, I remember the time I texted my sister in law saying I was really nervous and that I was almost dreading it. 
I suppose leaving the nest is quite a scary feeling for everyone. But it wasn't about being on my own, it wasn't about missing family (I do, but I can always go home and visit them). The main reason I was petrified about leaving was because I was so familiar with being home. Being in my own room. And the fact that it'd be hard to make my new room, a 'home'.

But, I've realised. I've realised that home is what you make it. I've only realised this within the past couple months when I've made my new room into something I'm just very familiar with. I have my space for everything. A 'movie watching' space, a 'blogging whilst drinking tea' corner, the 'I just got out of the shower and I just want to sit around watching tv' chair. 
 I've always thought of Huddersfield as a pleasant city. It's easy to navigate around, everything is in walking distance and I'm so familiar with it. Now, I've thought of Huddersfield like a home. Which is weird because I don't consider Leeds a 'home', regardless of the fact that I've been living there for my entire 21 years of living. I'm not that familiar and comfortable with the city. In fact, I've always wanted to move out of Leeds for many years now.

Looking at the question in the beginning; sure, I'm from Leeds. My home is in Leeds, and my room at home is my comfort zone.
But, my new flat is also my home. I've made my flat my 'home' and I suppose I've gained that 'homely' attachment with Huddersfield. But the past couple months have taught me that home is what you make it. A place of shelter, where you have heating, access to food, tea (most importantly), and running water. These are the basic things in order to live (maybe not the tea haha). 
And to be honest, I think a lot of people take these things for granted, and they want more and more things. They want a house with many rooms, a lot of furniture, or on a prestigious road. 
But does it really matter?
They are luxuries and nice things to have. But does it make it any less of a home than someone with less furnishings? No. Home is home for you, regardless of having many cars, or blue notice boards on plain white walls, or a spot of mould in the corner of your room.

So what I'm trying to say is, I've learned that despite being outside of the place I've called home for 21 years, I can make something else my home. Anyone can make anything else their home. A place that they can sleep, eat, shower, erm… and other things, is somewhat 'home' :)

I'm sorry if this has been a bit of a boring blog post, but it's 2:10am here and I'm feeling a little reflective :)

~ xoxo

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