Thursday, 16 January 2014

Being Socially Awkward...

Hey everyone :)

I guess this is quite a personal post as this is something I've dealt with for… well… all of my life. And I'd wanted to make a post/video about this issue for a while because I think it's something a lot of people deal with - and the time I was going through this quite bad, I couldn't really find something to help me through it.

Having social problems, and being socially awkward, can have a strain on your life. It can be a huge strain which prevents you from doing things that others find so simple, e.g: making a phone call.
Whilst some people might be like, "Well, why don't you just talk to someone about it." It's not that easy. Especially when you're describing it to someone who doesn't understand it, or doesn't believe you, or they're the kind of person who has little to no problems with approaching people.

I guess the main thing that has really helped me with this, is the fact that I went to University, and I'm currently studying for a degree that involves talking to strangers. I know that a few years ago, something like this would be so daunting - yet today, it seems like a normal everyday thing. 
Please watch the video to hear more about my experience of being socially awkward haha, and how I'd managed to get over it all. 

My main advice to people who are dealing with social awkwardness:
Everyone has insecurities so just relax :) to really get over the social awkwardness, do things that are out of your comfort zone. 

I hope this video helps you in some way or another :)

~ xoxo

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