Friday, 31 January 2014

Inspire me January..

Hey everyone :)

I've been feeling under the weather lately - I guess it is the weather to blame! This horrible cold wind and rain is one of the reasons I dislike leaving my warm room. Plus, England would be a much happier place if it was warmer and brighter, and sunny of course. Don't you think so?

To stop me feeling down in the dumps, I've been looking at pictures of fashion, makeup and beauty in general. I suppose looking at things beauty related really satisfy me in a way that nothing else can… That sounds odd. It's like shopping.. I'm sure you've all had those days where buying something can instantly pick you up. Or maybe that's just me...
So this 'satisfaction' is actually inspiration, and it's inspired me a lot! 

Here are some photos I found, and I hope it inspires all you fashion and beauty lovers out there!

Huda Kattan 
If you have no idea who she is, then look her up asap! She's so stunning!!! 

I absolutely love the look of this blazer! 

I have yet to purchase something that is Chanel. And one day I will have a Chanel collection like this! 
Along with some more NARS products to give my Sheer Glow foundation some company ;)

You guys know I have been loving chunky jewellery pieces lately.. This is total arm candy right here! 

I don't know what it is about these nails, but they're just so stunning! I know they're a bit long, but I love my long nails. Plus, I love this cranberry red shade!

I would actually kill to have a pair of Huda Beauty lashes! 

In a year or two, I want to have a 'higher end' makeup collection like this haha! I don't know what it is about luxurious brands like these, that make you feel so glamorous. 
However I think my collection will be more full of NARS products - which I will probably just stare at because they look amazing! 

Absolutely love spike studded shoes! 

More makeup… of course ;)

I'm really in love with this makeup look, and the contact lenses too! Makes me want to get some grey lenses :)

Stiletto nails and midi rings = perfect!

Onto more of the makeup looks…

Claudia Lynx.. She is so so so stunning!!! She makes me wish I still had my long hair! 

And Sirusho makes me want to have lighter hair! 
I am considering dying my hair a lighter brown… well… lighter than it is at the moment :)

I hope you guys liked this posts and it has (maybe) inspired you! 

~ xoxo

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Celebrity Big Brother - My Final Words..

Hey everyone :)

Ooooh, the second post today. Am I on a roll or what?
But seriously, I've been posting TONS about this years Celebrity Big Brother on Twitter and Facebook, that I'm literally driving all of my friends insane. One even called me a "die hard fan". I'm not, honestly. And I'm going to say it again, this was the first year I've watched it fully. 
I guess it's one of those things where when you watch something (even if it's a fictional TV show), and you've kept up with it for some time. You start to understand the characters and you get that sort of weird bond with them… I think? 

Plus, it could just be the fascination of watching people that I like. I guess that sounds creepy? 
But I just wanted to mention my last words about the series and then I'm going to put it to rest. I promise!

Initially when the show started, I knew who at least half of the house mates are - maybe that's why I like watching it? Hmm! 
And I've said from the beginning, I would like Ollie or Sam to win. I absolutely love watching TOWIE, however I haven't kept up with MIC but I remember watching it when it first aired on E4. I suppose I still want Ollie to win, but my thoughts have changed about Sam. 
I think I'm getting a bit too aead of myself here, so let me discuss my thoughts on all of the remaining housemates.

Obviously I knew who Dappy is. I mean, who doesn't? Truthfully when I found out he was going to be in the house, I expected someone who was a bit more… "gangster" I guess? (I'm talking attitude, rough around the edges, a bit obnoxious) I suppose I was expecting someone who was about like Tulisa, but seeing him in the BB house has proved me wrong.
He is actually quite a team player, and he really considers all of the housemates when he has to do tasks, ensuring that they'll win food and what not. 
Dappy has definitely been one of the most entertaining housemates without a doubt. He's raunchy (with Luisa - wink wink, nudge nudge), he's very caring. I mean, did you see how quick he hugged Ollie when his mum, sister and dog walked in during the 'Frozen' task?! 
Also, seeing him in the house has shed light on who he actually is. The fact that he wears fake tan and needs "magic" (under eye concealer) shows a different image to the "gangster" perception that most people have of him. 
I think a lot of people have warmed to Dappy, and I'm constantly seeing "VOTE FOR DAPPY" on my T-List - so I definitely wouldn't be surprised if he won.

Sam Faiers:
I originally thought Sam would be quite dramatic, I mean come on, have you not seen TOWIE? 
However, she's been a little bit… I guess she's been playing it a bit safe in the house. Or a bit too safe, considering many people are complaining that she's very boring.
One reason I really like Sam is that she's very classy and lady-like, and she's kept that demeanour the whole way through the series. During the first episode when she was handcuffed to Jasmine, I felt very very sorry for her. I couldn't put up with Jasmine's drunkeness, so kudos to Sam.
Throughout the entire series, I wanted her and Ollie to get together - but that hasn't really happened. Ollie seems to wear his heart on his sleeve, and he's been very honest and it's clearly evident that he has feelings for Sam. But obviously Sam is either playing it cool in the BB house, or she doesn't feel the same way. But I hope they either get together, or still remain as close when the series finishes!
Sam hasn't really shown much 'personality' compared to the other housemates, so I'm a bit stuck on what else to write here!

To be truthful, I had no idea who he was when he first entered the house. And I didn't quite like him at first, as I found him a bit intimidating with what he'd say to Luisa. However, I started to see that he wasn't bad at all. I realised this when he and Dappy would talk and they had a normal close friendship. 
Also, I think the public's opinion about Jim must've become a positive opinion when there was the whole argument between him and Linda. By the way, I am VERY glad Linda was nominated. I think Linda was definitely the one to provoke Jim, and "added coal to the fire" when Luisa and Jim would row. 
After Linda left, it was very obvious that the house was a lot more calmer, there wasn't a division between the housemates. Also, Luisa and Jim are friends now too, which is pleasant to watch. Despite Jim not being the type to get drunk or loud - he gels well with the rest of the housemates as he is almost like a 'father figure' to the rest of the housemates. Not to mention, he comes out with some hilarious lines!

Luisa was first on our TV screens in The Apprentice - and I remember watching The Apprentice thinking that she was very intimidating, strong minded and very opinionated. However, I kinda failed to see the link between The Apprentice and "Celebrity" Big Brother.
Nonetheless, she has been a very entertaining housemate.
Obviously, she is very very raunchy! And I am honestly waiting for news to be released on the Daily Mail website about her and Dappy finally getting together. There's been to much sexual tension between them both! 
I have to admit that at first, I didn't really like Luisa. I guess it was the arguments and the division in the house that made me not like her, but these past two weeks have made me really like her.
She's very entertaining, and the fact that she openly admits that she doesn't care about what people think of her - that's very brave and admirable.
And did you notice that the night Linda was evicted, not many 'boos' were given when Emma said Luisa?
I think a lot of people have warmed to Luisa - including me - and she's definitely provided some great entertainment in the house!

P.S: I'm in love with her hair!!!

If you have never watched Made In Chelsea, then you wouldn't know who this guy is. But if you actually don't know, then I'm presuming you've been living under a rock for the past three/four years!
Ollie has received a lot of criticism on Twitter about being very effeminate - which he can't really help. But to be honest, I think it makes him a likeable person.
I think ollie has been the same person throughout the entire series, and he hasn't really caused that much drama in the house. Some people are comparing him to Sam in a way, because they don't "share their opinions". However, Ollie has been entertaining and I guess people are seeing what he is really like - rather than just a "posh boy from Southampton with good hair and a spray tan".
I have to admit that it really annoyed me when Linda and Luisa made fun of Ollie about not having "balls", and that he needed to give his opinion more. Yet when he did, they still criticised him?
Which wasn't very nice to watch… But Linda obviously liked provoking the housemates and just being a B in general.
Also, I thought it was lovely how he had already planned out his date with Sam! Bless him!

With Casey, I had no idea who she was but I have to say, she is SO pretty without makeup! I really wish I had her amazing skin.
Anyway, on to her time in the BB house.
She's received a LOT of criticism about the love triangle between her, Lee and Jasmine. At first, I thought it was Casey who was in the wrong, and she was causing drama by saying things to Lee. However, it became evident that it was Lee who was saying different things to her and the rest of the house. 
I honestly do feel bad for her as she showed genuine feelings for Lee, and I don't think it was a 'show-mance'. But I was really happy that she listened to her mum and kept away from Lee after the 'Frozen' task. Most of her time in the house has been tainted with this love triangle drama, and I guess it's better entertainment than just being sat on a sofa.

Who do I want to win?
Initially I said I wanted Sam or Ollie to win, just because I was more familiar with the two and they weren't in any feuds or love triangles.
However, I have to admit that I wouldn't mind if Jim or Dappy won. In fact, I wouldn't mind if any of the guys won.
I think the guys have more of a chance of winning, as the girls weren't very strong contestants. 

Dappy: He's proved to be a very nice person who gets along with all of the housemates. Along with being hilarious, he's been very entertaining and proved to be not so 'gangster' after all. Yeah, you don't get more gangster than drawing on your beard with an eyeliner haha.. Also, I found it quite funny how he and Ollie shared clothes!
Ollie: Despite being criticised for being 'effeminate', it suits him. The fact that he cried when his sister and mum walked into the house, and applying the face masks to everyone. He's a likeable celebrity and he gets along with everyone in the house - which is nice!
Jim: He was somehow linked with the Saville case during 2013, and during the last task (yesterdays task), he said that it would mean a lot to him to win as he and his family went through a lot in 2013. He's been the same person throughout the entire series, and he's a genuine character.

I have to admit, this was one of the most hilarious moments in the house:

I guess those are my final last words, or paragraphs, or essay! 
I am actually going to be a bit emosh when this series is over. It's been very entertaining having these celebrities on my screen every night, and now I have to find something else to watch during the 9-10pm slot.

~ xoxo

First retail therapy of 2014… Oops

Hey everyone :)

I initially wanted to film this too, however I think I might lay off the YouTube filming at the moment and concentrate more on blogging and writing - especially as I have a lot of work to do. Filming; recording and editing, takes up a good portion of my day and unless I wake up super duper early, I find it a bit difficult to film and then get on with other work.
This might change though… or I might just use my laptop camera for filming - it'll only just be for a months worth of videos! 
I know February is going to be really tough, because I'll have to juggle my blog, YouTube and my work. So I think the whole YouTube stuff will have to take a backseat for the tim being! 

Anyway, onto the point of this post:

So on Monday, I wasn't feeling particularly great. I had a lot of stress on my mind - from work and just life in general, and it was the lowest I had felt (and I mean low!) in quite a long time. I guess it's just a mixture of graduation, my dissertation, my career after uni and things like that - swirling around in my head. I don't know why I'm quite nervous and anxious about life after uni… but it's taking quite a big toll on me.
It generally doesn't affect me that much, but on Monday it did… and I knew I had to do something.

Now I'm not saying that every time I feel bad, I need to go out shopping. I mean come on. But I've not been actual shopping shopping in such a long time! 
I generally prefer shopping alone, because when I shop with others, I get a bit distracted and a bit impatient haha. I guess I'm the kind of person who likes to go in to the shop knowing what they want, buy it, and then walks back out. 
And that is what my Monday morning-afternoon consisted of!

So to understand some of these items, you will have to look at one of my most recent posts, which was January-February WishlistWhere I talked about a few items that I wanted this month! 
Luckily, I managed to get my hands on one of the items and a dupe of another! 

So, what did I get?

Primark Wet look leggings - which resemble the 'Leather Look' trousers… except tighter, obviously.
Ollie Locke autobiography - Laid In Chelsea
Topshop lipsticks in 'Depth' and 'Inhibition'
Beige skirt from Magenta
Boots Botanics 93% Organic Super Balm
Primark Tshirt
Primark chunky necklace
Primark underwear (although you guys don't really need to know about that! :P)

So the two lipsticks I bought were 'Depth' and 'Inhibition'.
This is the first time that I purchased any of the Topshop cosmetics, and I was very intrigued to see what they were like as I've heard many awesome reviews! 
Depth is a very deep purple colour - which is quite vampy and gothic. It's a shade I've been looking for, for quite a while and I was so gutted that Boots didn't stock any similar shades. But I absolutely love this shade!
Inhibition is a deep pinkish plum shade - definitely a 'fall/winter' shade for me, and it's the kind of shade I have been sporting a lot recently! I don't know what it is but Ive been so drawn to darker shades lately.
I will do a full review with swatches of both lipsticks soon! 

Some Primark underwear… moving swiftly on!

So in the Wishlist post, I mentioned a particular necklace that I wanted from New Look. However after spotting this necklace in Primark, I really like it! It's quite chunky and bold, which really attracted me to it! I really like the pattern on it too :)
This is definitely the type of necklace you can wear during the day, and also for a meal/night out.
I really like versatile jewellery like that. It doesn't look too over the top, and it goes with most outfits!

I quite like a lot of the casual t-shirts that Primark sell, as they're the type that you can dress up! I saw this T-shirt with this bold floral image and I really liked it, I don't have any clothes like this. I instantly imagined the necklace being paired up with the t-shirt and thought they suit really well! 

Along with pairing the necklace and floral top, I pictured these wet look leggings with it too - I'm such a dreamer! I thought they went together well and fit a certain 'image' that I'm kind of aspiring to at the moment. I knew I had to have these leggings, and they are versatile too. You can wear them with a long top and cardigan during the day, but you can also wear them with an elegant top and stylish jewellery too for a night out.

In one of my previous videos, I talked about Celebrity Big Brother. Now for those of you who are unaware of Ollie Locke, he is basically from Made In Chelsea and is known for his breakups and coming out on television. And he is in the Big Brother house this year. I've been so into this season of Big Brother - I never used to watch it before! But I guess it's because I know who a lot of the housemates are. 
Anyway, I've been loving him in the Big Brother house, and I noticed he had an autobiography. If you know me well, you know I love reading autobiographies so much (it's like reading people's diaries!)
I've been reading Laid In Chelsea for two days now, and I can honestly say it's very easy reading, it's hilarious and it's quite embarrassing too! But I really like that he can share embarrassing stories, and I think that's what makes him an entertaining character.

 The beige skirt underneath the Botanic Super Balm was half price (woo!), and it cost me £5, which honestly isn't bad! 
I actually have this skirt in the colour black too, which I bought from eBay for £5 too! They're just really casual and versatile pieces - have you noticed I go for versatile clothes?!
You can wear them anytime of day and dress them however you please. They are great pieces to have in your closet, as sometimes wearing a dress or leggings all the time can become a bit stale. So it's good to have variation with clothing. 
It also comes with a cute skinny belt too! 

I first read about the Boots Botanics Super Balm on Zoella's blog, and she stated that after she had used it for the first time, she felt her face and was like "wow". 
Now I don't really have dry skin - which this balm is recommended for - but I do have dry areas on my face. My forehead can be quite dry, and around my mouth and my cheeks - as I use my acne lotion there. If you've ever used any acne prevention creams, you will know that they dry the absolute $#!* out of your face, and no regular moisturiser can combat that awful scaly dryness!

However, this balm has proved to be a miracle product!!! 

I put this on my dry areas at night, and whilst my skin drinks the moisture from regular moisturisers in no time, this balm kept my face feeling moisturised and supple - and not too greasy either. 
I have to say that once you first apply this balm, your face is looking like a very oiled up bodybuilder's chest, but once your skin absorbs it, it is less shiny.

I will do a full review on this product soon too :)

I hope you guys like this post, and these are the products that I bought from my 'Retail Therapy' session, and I guess it was nice to have the morning/early afternoon off to spend some quality time with myself and the high street!

~ xoxo
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