Friday, 27 December 2013

In Conversation: "The Millennials" | Tattoos & Piercings

Hey everyone :) 

If you haven't seen it already, here is a video I created for one of my assignments - it is basically an article about The Millennials (or Generation Y, whichever you prefer) take on body modification. I wanted to basically edit it and style it as if it was to be published in Wonderland magazine. I just LOVE reading Wonderland :)

One of the pages..

One of the double spreads :)

I really liked the whole presentation side of creating this article, and InDesign is so cool to use! If you're wondering why everything is in black and white - Wonderland generally publish a lot of their articles in black and white - along with their images - and it's usually their advertisements that are in colour. I love the fact that it's black and white. Something about keeping this monochrome colour scheme is so artistic and (to me) has a lot more of an impact on the reader.

 So with the article, I decided to make a video interview to go with it, and here it is:

It's around 23 minutes long, and took forever to edit and upload! 
I hope you guys like this, and I do plan on making more video interviews as it was a grey challenge :) It allowed me to use my creative side, and I really do enjoy filming and editing :)

I hope you guys enjoy this video :)

~ xoxo

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