Monday, 30 December 2013

Christmas & Boxing Day Gifts

Hey everyone :)

I just wanted to squeeze this little post in before the New Years: Basically 'presents' from Christmas Day and Boxing day. Now I wrote "presents" as some of them I'd bought myself, so they're gifts to me haha! 

So first and foremost, I received money from my parents :) That was my main Christmas present - that I'd got on Christmas Day haha. The rest of the presents after this were from Boxing Day and afterwards :)

I was in need of some good winter boots as my shoe collection mostly consists of heels; and I have wedged winter boots and some battered up pumps. But I was in desperate need of flat shoes that aren't going to get soaked by the rain.
I found these lovely grey boots in New Look. They were originally priced at £22.99 (I think) down to £12 which I thought is a great bargain! 
Most of the shoes in the New Look outlet in White Rose Shopping Centre, had been sold out. However I came across these boots, and a few others, but I really liked these ones. And they seem to go with a lot of casual everyday student outfits :)

Next, I bought two pairs of jeans - one isn't shown in this post though! I needed some new jeans as the last pair I'd bought were actually from last years Boxing Day sales hahaha. But my old trusty pairs of jeans had gotten frayed and had holes in them - so I thought it's time to buy two new pairs that will last me for as many years as they can :)
I generally stay around the same size too, which is why I tend to not buy that many jeans unless they've started to tear and stuff.

These nice denim jeans are from New Look, they had been reduced to £7 from £20 (I think.. or £16). I thought they looked really nice and I most of my jeans are generally navy colours or grey. So this made a nice addition to the jeans I have :)

The next pair of jeans I got are a grey colour and they were from Primark.. Primark tend to sell a nice variety of jeans from like super skinny to skinny to bootcut. I ended up buying skinny jeans as they're my favourite! 

I'm not sure if it's this angle or my jeans that make my legs look a bit thinner than how I normally see them haha! 

Onto the little itty bitty items! 

CKIN2U - Has been my favouriteeeeeee perfume for the past 4-5 years, I have gone through bottles of this gorgeous stuff! I ran out of it during the summer and I'd been needing to purchase it. Boots had a massive sale where the 100ml bottles were literally half price and they were selling like hot cakes! I knew I had to grab a bottle! 

Grey Package - Is actually a present! So not to ruin the surprise, I'm not going to go into detail about what it is… but let me tell you, I had to go to 4 different shops in order to find it. They'd been out of stock at all the main well-known shops and… but luckily I found it! 

This Body Shop eyeshadow quad ad been given to me from my sister - as she said she'd mistakingly bought the same quad previously. So she gave it to me :)
There are really lovely warm neutral shades in this quad. 
Champagne, Rose Gold, Bronze and a Dark brown. I'm not sure what the shades are actually called, but that's how I'd describe them! :)

Most of you will already know that I love Soap & Glory products! And I am in love with their lipsticks. Red My Lips and Naked Beige are my everyday go-to lipsticks as they're just so pigmented, moisturised and they smell lovely too! 
I'd been in need of the Red My Lips lipstick since around June - and I've been using my old one quite sparingly haha. But now I am happy I have repurchased it!  

Comparing my new Red My Lips to the old one.. . Can you imagine just dabbing this lipstick on sparingly because you're so in love with it, but you don't want to part from it so soon?! 
Well not anymore! 

CAUDALIE Divine Oil - My sister gave me this oil to try as she absolutely LOVES it! I remember her using it during the time of her wedding and now her skin has improved dramatically! Well… it's not only this oil as she has adapted a different skincare routine. But this oil has played a big role in improving her skin. And she was really kind enough to let me have this small bottle to try it out! 
This oil can be used on the skin and on the hair too :)
I will probably do a review on this soon!

VICHY - Skin Idealizer Serum - My sister gave me this too to try, I don't think she has used it but she gave it to me knowing I wouldn't pass on trying it out! VICHY are known for having great products catered to problematic skin, and I think this product will be quite nice :)

Along with the Soap & Glory Fabulips lipstick, I bought the Maybelline FIT ME Concealer and Powder - I took advantage of the 3 for 2 at Boots :D
I absolutely love the concealer and I wanted to repurchase it because it's just a really nice and easy product to use when you're not wanting to apply foundation. It's really great with coverage and blends nicely!

 Last but not least, here are some yummy caramel and almond chocolate truffles that I'd received as a late Christmas present from my sister in law :) They're so delicious that I actually finished them all within like two hours!!!! 

I hope you guys have liked this post :) And you have received some really awesome Christmas gifts and hit the Boxing Day sales too! 

~ xoxo

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