Saturday, 9 November 2013

The thing that happened yesterday morning

Hello all! I have a bit of a silly story to tell you guys, and I gotta say, I'm not good in the mornings. I lose track of just about everything - who I am, what time it is, what I'm going to wear etc. And some may find this normal and be like, "Well yeah, I get wrecked on a Friday and on Saturday morning, I don't know where I am"

No. No. NO.

I go to sleep at an odd hour, fall into a deep sleep and my brain just literally cannot function within the first 30 minutes of waking up - regardless of what I've been doing the night before.
Anyway, on to my story...

So yesterday morning started off like no other, I woke up to my alarm - a song that I absolutely despise now because all I can think about is leaving my warm bed whenever I hear it. I hate when songs make you feel such horrible feelings! Those damn songs. Usually on a Friday, I have more of a lie in so I was just chillaxing in bed until around 11pm, no biggie. My lecture and seminar wasn't until later on that day, so I got ready and I filmed a video :) Yayyy. 

And I left my flat to head of to my first lecture. I set off around 1ish and I knew it'd take me around 10 minutes to get to the lecture room, and I got there on time, to realise that it wasn't my class.
I was stood there literally like, "Who are these people? This lecturer looks nothing like mine...". So after a minute or so of thinking, I clicked on, my class wasn't until an hour later. 
"There you go ladies and gentlemen, Ravinder Osahn. The biggest douche in the history all things university related."

But luckily I only lived a good 5 minute walk back down to my flat (the stairs kill me on the way up, so I take longer haha!) and I got back to my flat and made a brew.

Moving on to the second most important thing in this post, my video. Check it out :) 

Yes, I am back to making videos and blogging a lot more frequently, I will kick this procrastination habit! 

Hope you all have a great weekend! I am back in Leeds for this weekend and hopefully I will have a blog post about it :)

~ xoxo

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