Friday, 8 November 2013

October FoodPorn

You may already know that I am a complete foodie. I love taking photos of my food before I eat it - yes, I am one of those douchebags you see whipping out their cameras as soon as a plate of food hits the table. But I just really love food

Since starting my final year and actually living an independent life where I'm washing my own clothes, cleaning, doing all of the food shopping (basically all of the adult life stuff) - I do have to cook for myself. I cannot live off soups and noodles like I thought - damn! Nonetheless, it's not like I don't enjoy cooking, because I do. It's fun experimenting and making unhealthy food that involves a lot of cheese and bacon :) 

FYI: The dishes I'ma show you aren't all cooked by myself, most of them are cooked by Ryan - where I provided the plate and probably put in like 2% of the overall effort. And some of them are just takeout... But food is still food, and I love looking at food!

Take out: Onion Rings X Chicken and Chips X Chocolate Gateaux

Salmon wrapped in Parma Ham X Pasta X Salad

Take Out: Chinese Chicken Curry X Chips 

Roasted Chicken X Parnsips X Rice X Kidney Beans

Take Out - Camden Town: Chilli Con Carne Taco X Rice X Lotsa lotsaaaa cheese!

Take Out: Chinese Chicken in Honey Sauce X Chips X Prawn Toast

Seasoned Steak X Sweet Potato Chips X Roasted Apple slices

Tesco's Ribs X Rice X Sautéed Vegetables

Big Breakfast: Tiger Bread X 3 Eggs 'Sunny Side Up' X Cheese

Chicken Thighs X Rice X Vegetable

Oh, with garlic bread this time :)

Cadburys Hot Chocolate, topped with marshmallows and whipped cream and more marshmallows

Cheese & Bacon Filled Sweet Potatoes X Steak with curry sauce

Nachos X Cheese X Bacon X Vegetables

Cheese filled Chicken X Egg Fried Rice X Vegetable Curry

Roast Chicken X Rice X Curried Vegetables

Rice X Chicken & Vegetable Curry X Garlic Bread

Chicken Curry X Rice X Cheese (It tasted soooo nice with Mozarella!)

Cinnamon Latte X Lemon Tart X Caramel Slice

Breakfast in a Sandwich: Egg X Cheese X Bacon X Tomato X Cumberland Sausage

Jacket Potato X Vegetable Curry

Chai Latte X Caramel Slice X Lemon Tarte

P.S: I'm not gonna lie, I cooked while putting this blog post together!

~ xoxo

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