Thursday, 21 November 2013

My New Piercings - Lucy Cannibal Piercing

Hey everyone :)

If you've been following me on Instagram or Facebook, you will know that I have two new piercings. Yayyyyyy! 
I'd been wanting a new piercing for a while and I'd been thinking of getting the Scaffold piercing (basically the one that's a bar running from one side of the ear to the other - I'm sure you've seen it before). And well, I was told that it's a bit of a pain with having long hair and that it takes really long to heal, and plus it really hurts. I then changed my mind and thought I'd get a 'Helix' piercing. 
Helix piercings are much more common - most people get the top outer corner of their ear pierced - but I wanted it lower down so it was more on the lobe rather than cartilage. Just because I knew it would be easier to heal and it'd look cool.

Keep in mind, this was a last minute decision and I really wanted a piercing. Really really really wanted one.

I came across Lucy Cannibal Piercing several months ago when I was first considering  piercing - but I guess work from Second year really kept me busy. However I'd liked the page because I knew I was going to come around to the piercing idea again and hey! It looks like I did!

This was the first time I ever went alone to get something like this done - I've not even been alone to the doctors - so I was a bit nervous but my nerves calmed down when I was sat down on the chair, waiting for Lucy to sort out the needles. Yes, it hurt like a biatch, although it wasn't as painful as I'd expected! It was an instant sharp pain and then it calmed down and it's been fine ever since :)

I highly recommend going to Lucy for a piercing as she's had several years of experience and she's really friendly and professional about her work! 

(I got the helix pierced on both ears!)

After a couple days of having my ears pierced, they don't hurt as much as I thought they would. I remember when I had my tragus pierced, it hurt for weeks and I couldn't sleep on that ear for a while. However my ears don't feel painful, only when I really apply pressure on it (it only happens whilst I'm sleeping haha!) But otherwise they're not too painful to touch.

If you're wanting a new piercing and you're in the Huddersfield area, then do check out Lucy Cannibal Piercing :) 

(P.S: Yay, my new business cards have arrived! :D )

~ xoxo


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