Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Life Update, Vlogmas, YouTube & New Hair

Hey everyone :)

So after a bunch of days, I am finally back with a blog post AND a video! It'd been like 10 days since I'd last posted a video and I felt so bad - I was thinking, "Man, I really need to get off my ass and make a video because I've been saying I will blog and record more". I don't want to let you guys down haha!

I thought I'd record a sort of update video - and I spent the rest of the day recording a bunch of other videos too which I shall post tomorrow and the day after and the day after that etc. I want to get into the routine of spending a day recording and editing, and then schedule them on YouTube so I don't have to worry about uploading them on a certain time of day! Obviously, I'll see how much of it I can tackle - I know it'll be hectic but I think I can manage! :)

Here is the video:

So in the video I discuss a couple of things:
1) Vlogmas:
I'm thinking of doing the 'Vlogmas' thing that a lot of YouTubers do, basically blogs every day in December, leading up to Christmas! It seems like a lot of videos, but I think it's a challenge and I'm willing to take on this challenge :D Plus, it'll be a great way of getting into the routine of recording a video everyday - basically the type of 'working' mind frame I want to have!

2) My curly hair:
I decided to experiment with my hair and curl it all, and I mean all of it. It's not just regular curls that you can create with hair straighteners, but spiral curls that you get if you were to have a perm! I've been wanting to have these type of curls for a while, and I searched around on YouTube how to create these curls. I came across one video by this girl with AMAZING hair, and she used straws as the 'curlers' - Oh, did I forget to mention, no heat was involved? The curls looked so so so so amazing and I knew this is what I wanted to do. But it's not like I casually have a pack of straws with me, so I used rolled up tin foil. And it did the trick!

(With more makeup and green lenses)

I've been receiving a TON of compliments from friends and family - and random people on Instagram - saying curly hair like this suits me really well. I'm not sure if they're saying it suits me more than having straight hair… Geez, thanks guys! Hahaha..
But to be honest, I'm loving the curly hair! 

I'm going to experiment more with my hair - planning on dying it soon too - so if I feel like I can manage having curly hair, then I might get it done permanently. Well.. we'll see! :) 

Thanks for reading and watching guys! 
I hope you're having a great week, and have a great 'rest of the week' - unless I post tomorrow or something haha.

~ xoxo


  1. I LOVE YOUR HAIR!!! <3 So jealous of them currlls!


    1. Aww thank you!! I'll be doing a tutorial (hopefully soon) on how to create the curls! :) xx


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