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University Room Tour

Moving out for University isn't as hard or complex as some people make out  to be - it just isn't - sure, you have to look after yourself, wash up your dishes, wake up without having your dad shouting at you like, "We're going in 10 minutes, get your ass outta bed!" No, my dad didn't really say it.. like that.
Regardless of it not being quite complex a thing to do, it certainly is a brave step.
You're out in a new environment, some places are much rougher than others, and the new place you call 'home' is most likely a box room that will contain your entire life for several months! 
It was really weird whilst I was packing, because I kept thinking, "Well... what am I going to need on Tuesday 19th November?" It's like you're planning ahead and thinking of shit you may or may not need - but you choose to take it anyway because you're screwed if you don't.
But how do you even pack your entire life in a few bags?!

I still have a shit ton of things at home which I need to bring here - including books and more (yep, more) clothes! But for now, I'm sticking with what I have, and here is my highly requested Room Tour.
I originally wanted to film this, but uh, the lighting in my room is absolutely terrible! So here are photos instead, yo!

First of all, I moved to a place called Snow Island which is situated, literally, just across the road from the back of University. You can imagine how happy I am that I don't have to be waking up ridiculously early for a train from Leeds. I'm so relieved. 

I have a lot of jackets, well I suppose it isn't a lot! But I hang up a lot of things on here including my hoodies that I can't be bothered to hang up, my new hat, winter knitted scarf and obviously, my coat.

Oh yeah, I've tried to go a little artistic with my photos today - I ended up taking these photos during the night when most people would be sleeping - but I was wide awake watching 21st Jump Street and felt like I needed to stop wasting time. Funny how it gets really late and I'm suddenly thinking about blogging and working.

Luckily, I managed to nab a room that has a lot of floor space and two wardrobes! So my two wardrobes look like this. I've never properly decorated my room at home except a few posters from when I was 14/15, so I really wanted to decorate my room in a way that motivates me. The fact that I have makeup/model images like this is more of makeup and photography inspiration. If I see an image and I think it looks pretty cool, it goes up on my wardrobe!

Although my main pin-up board has absolutely nothing on it just yet, but I will hopefully have things on there soon. I know a lot of people generally have calendars on here, I ended up missing a lot of Freshers stuff so I don't have a calendar. Boo :(

But on the subject of 'putting things on the wall', I decided to have a Positivity wall, where I stick positive and motivational quotes up to inspire me and other friends who visit me. I think it's really nice and refreshing to read something along the lines of: "Yeah you CAN do it, just DO IT ALREADY, what the eff are YOU waiting for?!" Obviously that isn't on my wall... maybe it should be!

It's a lot nicer to start the day of reading rather than reading some depressive Facebook status from someone who is feeling angry about someone who won't owe them a fiver or some shit.

I have a tiny pin-up board thing that is up on my desk area, and I have a list of goals that I want to achieve by the end of this year, a few nice pictures of tropical islands to make me feel warm when it's pissing it down outside, and a quote that translates to "Without Fear, Without Hate" 

This is basically my beauty area, where I have tons of makeup stacked up. I have another shelf - I don't know why I didn't bother to photograph it - that contains all of my pre-makeup beauty items - including face washes, moisturisers, face masks, serums etc! I am aware I have too much makeup.. but my initial reason for bringing so much makeup with me was that I would be doing 'Get Ready With Me' videos so I'd get some good wear out of my makeup and different looks I could create for you guys, but I'm sorry for now I won't be making a video in a while! I will be blogging my looks though :)

On another shelf, I have a crap load of random foods - mostly noodles - that I eat and snack on because I'm not that great at cooking right now. I didn't bother bringing pans or knives or anything like that, so I can't cook anything really extraordinary! I have a couple of herbs and sauces from when Ryan made me dinner - and I plan on cooking something nice with them soon! :)

 Yes, I am one of those who leaves bottles and cups and random shit on the shelves. This shelf is just above my bed and whenever I'm feeling too tired to put anything anywhere, it usually goes on here. Weirdly enough, my glasses are never on this shelf, so I have to stumble out of bed and try and find my glasses in order to do anything haha. 

My amazing bed.

Enough said.

This is what my bed looks like at night - a huge bundle of bed covers, hoodies and a leopard print blanket. It's not that it gets cold at night, but because I can't sleep on a flat surface. I need it to be bumpy, cushiony and full of textures so I can get a decent nights sleep. Yeah, I am weird like that!

Here's a nice view of my desk, speakers and all of the random wires I have. It's a mess, I know. But how are you meant to keep wires all tidy when there's just too many?! Haha

This is my current book collection - with some Journalism books, note pads, diaries, Asiana magazines and also an iD and Wonderland magazine. I picked them up the other day because I just wanted to see what it was like, and how the content was laid out, and I really really like it (I mainly read Wonderland for now). I honestly prefer it to magazines like Cosmopolitan and ELLE. The content and layout isn't so 'in your face', it's really unique, simple but still has it's edge. The photography in the magazine is in a league of it's own.

My current show collection, I still need to bring my winter boots for when it gets icy and snowy. But as you can see, 4 pairs of heels and 2 pairs of flats... You can tell I love wearing my heels!
The black heels with the lace are ones I wear on a daily basis, I just love wearing them with my jeans and shorts too, it looks like you've made more of an effort to dress rather than walking around in some beat up grey pumps... Like I used to.

I was lucky to get two windows :) so if it gets really hot - which it does for some strange apparent reason - I can open the windows and expect the mother of all wasps to fly through and dominate my room like it was paying my rent. Luckily I've not had any spiders in my room just yet, but I had one outside my room that was just stood there, but I was like "Nah man, you ain't chilling here". 

Doing what I do best -  watching a movie on my MacBook and a yummy cup of tea :) I would like to say I was texting, but 3am isn't really the right time to be like "Heyyyy gurrll", I'd get passed as someone who is either really lonely, or really drunk. For clarification, I am neither drunk nor lonely. 

I hope you guys liked this room tour - I'm sorry it's not a video like I originally planned to - but this is close enough! 

Take care guys :) 

~ xoxo 



  1. Very inspiring pictures ^^

    恵美より ♥

  2. Love your shoe collection! I've just posted a tour of my Uni Room too:

  3. It looks really cool, check out my latest post on my University Room and see what you think :) xxx


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