Monday, 14 October 2013

Camden Market Saturday

Last weekend - yeah, I'm late on blogging about this - I had a last minute trip to London to see my aunt, uncle and cousins. And one of the main highlights of this trip was going one of the most amazing shopping areas ever. Camden.

If you've never been to Camden, or Camden Market, you seriously need to go. But you need to go with at least £20, because you will definitely buy something! It's not an average shopping centre, or shopping market - but it has a huuuuuuuge variety of shops for different people who have varied tastes!  So basically, there is something for everyone :)

I'm just going to go straight in with the photos - please excuse the poor quality as I took my iPhone and left my 1100D in Huddersfield - booo!

First pic - the sister and I! This was in the morning before leaving, and we (by 'We' I mean my sister, mum, aunt and I) took a hell of a lot of photos. Why? Memories of course... duh! 

Note: If anyone ever calls you 'vain' for taking photos a lot, just reply to them all like "I ain't being vain, I'm just capturing memories!" and snap your fingers and flip your hair back like the fierce b*tch you are.

Muahahahaha I'm sneaky! She's picking her nose during filming a YouTube video, why woman, WHY?!

We drove into Camden Market from Slough - and it took just under an hour I think. The whole area of Camden was crowded, everybody and their mothers were there. 

I've always found the buildings there to be so artistic, eccentric, prominent, 'out there' - I can't think of any other words at this point to describe it. They just look so cool, and you definitely have to look at them when you drive/walk past.

Casual car photo with the cousin B-)

Onto the actual Camden Market part of this post

You will find tons and I mean TONS of shops like these. Where there are like jewellery, house items, decorations, clothes - quite a lot of clothes shops too, bags etc. And it's not the kinda stuff you would see in your regular city centre, there are a lot of unique items!

Yayyyy a group selfie :)

This has to be one of the most coolest shops there - I don't even remember what it's called but there's a massive robot statue outside, and super loud techno music playing inside - they've even got dancers at the top. They've got some really cool gear, techie items and also beauty products there! One thing that really caught mine and my sister's eye was that they actually stock Sugarpill makeup - in case you guys haven't heard of that brand, it's pretty damn awesome. Incredibly vibrant and pigmented, and a lot of makeup artists on YouTube rave about Sugarpill products! 
If you're into more dramatic, artistic and theatrical makeup, then Sugarpill is definitely a brand you should look into :)

Now, for the most amazing part of this blog post...


The main thing that I love about Camden Market is the variety of different food that they have there. You can find all sorts from Mexican, to Caribbean, to Thai, to Chinese to your standard Fish & Chips!
And the really awesome thing is that the food is quite reasonably priced too :)

I decided to buy my first ever Taco! With beef Chilli Con Carne, rice, guacamole, sour cream, salsa and a helping of grated cheese. It was really yummy, although I'm assuming that if you make it from scratch at home, it might taste a bit better :)
Nonetheless, it was really nice for my first ever taco - and quite spicy too!

My sister and brother-in-law's food - they bought Mexican dinners too!

WOW! Looking at these food pictures are really making me hungry right now..

And to finish off this post...

A good ol' ass kicking on Tekken! I've not played that game in years and well... I'm still pretty bad at it hahaha

Have you guys been to Camden Market at all?
 If not, you really really really (I can't stress more on the 'really's) NEED to go and check it out. At least once. It's a place that everyone needs to go to - just to have a nosey and possibly buy a couple of unique items :)

~ xoxo

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