Thursday, 12 September 2013

Where have you been?!

Hey everyone :)

Oi.... Oi! Don't 'boo' me yeah I know I've not made a blog post in a week but seriously guys, I've been busy. Not the 'oh I've been busy sat on my arse' but the 'oh I've been busy here and there, and I've not been able to blog or reply to messages'. 
If you're reading this and I've not responded to your message, I'm sorryyyy! I will get on it... soon.

Well, what have I been up to?

Well last Friday I moved out. 
In case you didn't know - you've clearly been under a rock haha - I moved out for university! Yayy :) 

Nemo my cutie was watching Mickey Singh & PropheC - Dukh... she definitely gets her excellent taste in music from me ;) 

On the way to Huddersfield we ended up watching one of Russell Peters' live shows - man he is sooo hilarious! A little inappropriate at times but my mum giggled loads!

So... here is my new crib for the next 6/7 months :)

It's a lot bigger than I thought it would be, I have two windows and two wardrobes! And I didn't think I'd be so lucky :)

So my first priority of going into my new room as taking a photo wtf. Hahaha! It was chucking it down outside too so hence why I have a massive winter coat on!

So after taking the photo, I straight away set up my speakers and macbook. Perfection!

The makeup I took with me... I know it seems like a lot but honestly, I have more makeup then this! :P

I will end up doing a room tour after I decorate it all :) I've been requested a few times to film one so I will!

Don't you guys like my new shoes ;) They're from New Look and I've been eyeing them up for a while now, they're quite tall too... but they look smart so I'm really digging them! 

(Yeah, I came back to Leeds for a week and I am going back to Huddersfield on (probably) Monday or Tuesday, depends which day I'm free!)

So on Saturday night, I went out - as usual. 
And to be honest, I've only just realised how much I like going out. It's not about which place is good or not, or what the music is like or anything like that - but being in good company and having pretty cool people around you, you're bound to come back home with a good memory :) 
And that is exactly what happens every time!

Casual car photo ;) I really like this pic though..

And this was the late night munchies from Shai Nans (I'm sorry if I didn't spell that correctly) - I've never been there before and I had a Chicken Seekh Kebab which was yummy :)

So yesterday was in fact one of my brothers birthdays :) which was cool because it was nice seeing everyone again and having family time!

I'll be back to blogging soon and I have quite a lot of blog posts lined up too! :D I hope you guys are good and thanks for reading :)

~ xoxo

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